I thought Christians were suppose to be happy. Why do I still have depression?

do you know what facet of your life is making you depressed?

People are not always happy about everything all the time.

If you are feeling depressed and it’s not going away, if it has persistence you can’t shake, then perhaps you need to seek medical assistance for it.

If it’s not something treatable, then perhaps you should talk to a priest if there is a matter of conscience that is making you feel depressed…

Whichever way you go, follow the path of righteousness. God will sustain you through the worst circumstances. :slight_smile:

Peace be with you.

Remember that our LORD Himself was called “The man of sorrows.”

Human life as a continuous happy song is a mirage no matter what religion one belongs to; it ends in the sadness of death in any case. The difference is that we hope to be comforted in “the bosom of Abraham” or, rather, the arms of our LORD!


You show someone who is always happy and smiling and I will show you someone who is practically insane. Everyone had bad days, some more than others. I seem to have the more than others, but I prefer to find the good things in life to focus on. My wife and children being right at the top, but even they don’t always make me happy. Life is full of hill tops and valleys. The difference is, once you reach the top, it’s all down hill to the valley, then a hard climb back up to the next hill top for a short period and you get to do it all over again.

Remember, it could always be worse. Ask the Orthodox Christians in Egypt and Syria right now. Focus on the good as much as possible. Sorry for rambling. If it becomes too much, talk to someone about it.

I’m sorry for the pains you suffer from depression.

Depression is a condition that can be caused by many different factors. Treatment can be a wide range from learning how to change your thoughts and feelings on situations, to private or group therapy, to medication.

Having a belief in the Trinity does not change the factors that causes depression, just as it does not change the factors that cause another Christian to suffer from heart disease.

While many people have no problem seeking help from the medical community for physical health, people often do not seek help from the medical community for their mental health.

I suggest you speak to your doctor who can help lead you to the reasons behind your depression and ways to improve this in your life.

The same as God helps the person suffering from heart disease, He can also help the person suffering from depression. The person’s doctor is important for helping in both cases.

May God lead you to the assistance you need to be lifted from the pains of depression.

I ask myself that question a lot as I pop my anti-depressants every day. You aren’t the only one. :wink:

However, if circumstances in your life aren’t “happy”, then it’s a false expectation to expect to be “happy”. It’s realistic to expect a mourning period to deal with your losses (whatever they are).

I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time, but a lot of that has come from things like letting go of the past; finding joy in a new activity; changing my expectations…

Job wasn’t immune from depression.
Neither was Elisha.
Jonah could feel sorry for himself with the best of them.

I’m sure that some of our favorite Saints struggled with this issue as well.

I don’t want to be trite and say “Cheer up!”, but the thing is that it’s a lie that Christians are always happy. And who tells us lies? You’re right if you answered Satan…

We all have issues to work through. Everyone has different temperaments and some people just don’t feel things as deeply as others. What would make me depressed might just make someone else feel just mildly sad or someone else just shrug off what’s going on as “oh, well…what’s next?”

This time of year is awful in my state because everything is gray and muddy and the leaves are off the trees and on the ground. Still, thank God for vitamins and my meds. I’m having a great fall despite the grayness around me. (Hopefully, I can still say that tomorrow! All feelings are subject to change w/o notice or warning!) However, I spend a lot of my emotional energy forcing myself not to dwell on the gross weather and the general state of ickiness that comes with fall and early winter in my part of the world. It’s really a struggle to try to remain positive.

All I’m trying to say is that you aren’t alone. A lot of us struggle with depression - even though we love Jesus! Peace be with you.

P.S. Writing this out has helped me focus more on the good things than the bad. :sunglasses:

The bible is a great place to turn to for depression! I went to confession yesterday, and a priest told me that I should start seeking therapy. I promise you that you are not alone, and the best thing that you can do is talk to other people, it has helped out with my anxiety a lot.

Clinical depression is a medical condition that is treatable. Perhaps you should seek counseling to see if you suffer from clinical depression, or just the normal ups-and-downs of life.

I found this article and thought you’d like reading it.

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