I’ve seen a few posts on mental disorders. I have PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders and in my mind the worst of them all, derealization. All this developed over the period of a year, after a very close cousin of mine committed suicide. Derealization is a condition that makes the world around you seem unreal. In my case it makes me feel as if the world were in my mind. This gives panic ad fear and you end up thinking you are God, not in the classic way we believe in our lord and saviour, but in a way that you think there was a lonely, being that made up the world to comfort itself and that everything, heaven included, is a delusion I made up to avoid the reality of being alone. Sound crazy? Of course it does. But in moments of fear this seems very real, and there is absolutely no way of proving against it and derealzation makes it seem like you are right.

The remedy to derealization is hope. Trust in God, even amist doubts.

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this. I don’t have any positive spiritual advice for you, but I do have negative advice, as in what *not *to do. Be very careful with any kind of meditative prayer, as it could make the symptoms worse.

Physically, be careful with cough medicine, allergy medicine, and take probiotics to fight intenstinal yeast. Yeast die off can create a feeling of mind fog, and it can exacerbate your symptoms. (Be aware that if you do take probiotics, you might have some yeast die off for a week or two).

Have you had an EEG? Derealization can be a symptom of an underlying temporal seizure disorder that is associated with migraines and sub-clinical seizures. You could be having seizures even if you developed these symptoms after a traumatic event.

That just sounds like something frightening and difficult to deal with, and I am very sorry.

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