Derry Girls...2nd season is out on Netflix

I liked that one…it’s based on the Irish civil war as I remember.

On a side note and a discussion from a different thread, I really thought that picture was of Patrick Pearse rather than from the TV series Insurrection. It was of such bad quality, I thought it must be old. Are there no good pictures of Patrick Pearse from the Easter Rising?

I saw “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” some years ago. I’ve actually seen a bunch of his films, I really liked “Cathy Come Home” but his films generally leave me a bit depressed. The opening of “Wind that Shakes the Barley” is certainly a great reminder of why the US doesn’t support gun control.

“Kes” was just too depressing and awful for me though. There was a repeated trope during the era it was made of lonely kids who bonded with special animals who were later brutally killed. It was in many, many books and films and I have always found those extremely hard to watch, even when they have a “happy ending” with the kid getting a new family or a new animal or something. “Kes” obviously didn’t have any such happy ending and left me just wanting to scream, cry and riot. Even without understanding most of the dialogue.

Sorry to derail the thread with a Ken Loach discussion, i will bow out now. I don’t think “Derry Girls” is my cuppa, it feels like too much bias against Irish Catholics to me. I kinda liked “Father Ted” by the same production company, so maybe I’ll just go watch reruns of that one, it’s a better show anyway .

The most well known picture of Pearse I can think of from that is the surrender when he and Elizabeth O’Farrell are surrendering to Gen. Lowe:-

That picture itself is controversial as some versions have Elizabeth O’Farrell airbrushed out and some do not.

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She played an important role, I wonder why she’d be airbrushed out?

Thanks for the picture. You should post (if you want of course) it on the Historic and Iconic Photos thread. I didn’t know it even existed.

Gen. Lowe’s son is the junior officer in the picture and became famous as a film star later.

He was also Catholic as Lowe’s wife was half-Italian and his daughter became a nun eventually. Showing the strange contradictions and messes and clashes that come up in Irish and British history.

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This is hilarious :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

But then again, I’m easily amused.

Why not?

I found it funny and I’m in the US.

Sorry you had to encounter such profound ignorance from this American couple.

It’s like a coworker of mine who was told to go back to Pakistan when he isn’t even Pakistani.

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My favourite from that job which involved working with tourists quite a bit is a French woman asking a colleague of mine who was British-born Asian could he speak English. His reply was, ‘No, so there’s probably no point asking for my assistance so I shall continue to ignore you’. Didn’t go down well with them but I could say why the initial question annoyed him.

The ‘go back to Pakistan’ is routinely used by idiots here in the UK as if they imagine it is so original that no Asian person has never heard it before.

I guess idiots are everywhere.

I’ve been asked on occasion if I speak English and I’m tempted to pull off something like this.


this video is hilarious

Oh wow! I was continuing to watch Derry Girls tonight. This is trippy.

Has anybody ever watched a TV show and thought this is completely about my family?

In some cases they haven’t even bothered to change the names, situations, and personalities for particular characters.

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Watching Derry Girls too.

My favorite so far is the show where the family takes a trip out of town to avoid the Orange Order parade and inadvertently pick up a hitchhiker who may or may not be in the IRA.

I got the strong impression the bloke was a bit of a chancer who thought he was a much bigger noise in the republican movement than he was. That kind bluffing and noise making is something the show regularly pokes fun at.

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I also noticed the low grade “hostility” the father in law had with the son in law.

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