Deschooling Society

Has anyone read Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society? What are your thoughts of it?

Have to be honest: no, I haven’t read it but know folks who did & supported his views.I pretty much disagree with them on education & every other subject.
So, my best guess is that it’s left-wing propaganda type of stuff.However I need to do some research so I know what I’m talking about-or in this case simply guessing about.
There is no one way to educate so I try to be open minded re. methods.That said, though, very little good came out of the '60’s in my humble opinion.

Just a quick check of his writings on the web doesn’t look good.In one selection on health issues he’s singing the praises of Chinese "Bare foot " doctors who dispense abortion information.
My guess is that his writings on education aren’t worth much either.Just from a quick glance they look quackish.

Good eyes! You spotted the traits of a defrocked priest in his writings. (Illich was a defrocked Catholic priest because of his anarchistic and pro-contraception views.)

Why did you ask about his book in the first place? I’m not in education but haven’t heard his name mentioned much since the early 1970’s.

Yes, then later I found out why its author was defrocked.

I heard some things that made me uneasy, too, concerning John Holt who wrote about “Un-Schooling.” Many homeschoolers followed his philosophy.
I think there’s a little bit of truth in some of these “out-of-the box” ideas, but the foundation’s not one I feel comfortable with as a Catholic.

You know, I have a big homeschooling circle, and I don’t know anyone who follows Holt. I’d say that unschoolers are a very small segment of homeschoolers.

Am I crazy to think that this thread would be more enjoyable and profitable if someone would actually respond to the *ideas *rather than trying to discredit Mr. Illich for matters unrelated to the subject of the OP?


I thought I had. At least to the ideas I saw in a quick internet scan of his writings.
His ideas on education seem silly overall but again there are always a few truths in any philosophy.
Someone said about “Deschooling Society” that it was a very bad book written by a very good man. Don’t know enough about him to agree or not, but evidently his views were not those of a good ,orthodox Catholic.And since this is a Catholic site it seems appropriate to point that out.

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