Describe your discipleship


There’s a new book coming out on discipleship, you may have seen it.

What does it mean to you to be a disciple of Christ?

So often I’ve heard the phrase “time, talent, treasure” used to describe the categories of the Catholic commitment. But I don’t think that covers it. at least not in those vague words. I need sentences, not just words.

One thing that discipleship has meant for me is suffering, people ridiculing me, ostracizing me, etc. just for standing up for truth and morality.

What does discipleship mean to you in everyday terms?


To be conformed to Christ. To love as Christ loves. To study him and follow him.
Discipleship permeates all of life, it’s not compartmentalized. My behavior at the grocery store is one with my behavior at prayer.

This means sacrifice everyday. Letting go of my own wants, my own fears, seeing my plans with God’s eyes and being open to God’s will.
Practically speaking, I tend to grasp at life and try to control events and plans. This causes anxiety for myself and others. Being a disciple means letting go of my demands for esteem, comfort, praise etc…, letting others participate freely in finances, recreation time, prayer time.
Sacrifice. Putting the needs of others first.


Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”


Like others before us we ask people to believe in the invisible so it’s not surprising that they are disconcerted, hostile, objectionable, hateful, resistant and our beloved kin. The greatest pain and greatest rewards are experienced in our relationships with them our cross indeed and we should perhaps cherish our trials since they lead Christians to heaven. These are the thorns we encounter in our bid to reach the fragrance of the rose.

With our beliefs we can afford to give our love until we can give no more and go to our just rewards. Perhaps a disciple should expect no less.


All I hear now is that it is our obligation to evangelize. I’m failing at direct evangelization. I try to donate to EWTN radio which seems to make a big difference to a lot of people who listen and call in anonymously with questions.


Being a disciple of Christ means that I made the free and conscious choice to follow him. In following him, I try to learn about and from him so that I can do his will. Part of my discipleship was to discern the charisms given to me by the Holy Spirit, then to discern what God is calling me too, doing it (with God’s help) and adjusting and re-discerning. In doing that I try to keep God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in the center of my life and serve him. My greatest consistencies in the journey of discipleship are wandering off and getting it wrong.

In every day terms discipleship at the moment is difficult. The cross is too heavy but God is answering my prayers and it looks like the load will begin to gently lighten little by little. But, discipleship is still joyful (even when I am tired or downhearted), and I would rather be an exhausted active disciple than someone who turns up, sits through mass and goes home.


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