Description of Jesus/Disciples/Women of Bible


Are there any descriptions of the above mentioned in scripture/Tradition/tradition/extra-canonical writings?


Do you mean their phyical appearance or something else? Could you be more specific? :slight_smile:


Yes, physical description.

Somewhat wondering if any of the pictures of apparitions or the statues we have (especially in the Vatican), have any basis in writings or tradition. In Scripture I am pretty certain it is not physically descriptive of many people.


When Mary appears in apparitions her physical appearance can vary according to the people to whom she is reaching out. At Guadalupe she appeared as a native woman. At Lourdes she had blue eyes, not brown, etc. Mary isn't appearing to tell us her physical looks but to bring people to Christ. She reaches out to those people within their culture/physical appearance to let them know she is their mother, not just the mother of those who look like her as she appeared on earth. It may be that when we have glorified bodies we too will be able to change our appearance, but then I rather doubt it will matter to us. :)


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