Design and post a TLM bumper sticker

Okay, here’s an opportunity for you fellow traddies to strut your creative stuff.

The goal is to create a bumper sticker design with some traditional message (example, I Love the Traditional Latin Mass). Most bumper stickers are 3"X10", but since CAF doesn’t allow photos larger than 400X400 pixels, keep your dimensions under that.

You can upload your photos to:
and then link it to this website with the insert tool.

If a Mod needs to adjust my post to give maximum allowable dimensions, please do.

Here’s my attempt:

Great idea.

Rubber stamps work well too, I hear. :slight_smile:

I have an aquaintance who has a sticker that says “I love the Traditional Latin Mass” on his car. He says he has to remember to check it periodically, because he has a mischevious neighbor who likes to occasionally cover up the “M” with something :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA!! That’s hilarious!!][IMG]
Just a simple one :slight_smile:

HAHA!! That’s hilarious!!

if you like sick humor.

How’s my liturgy?

Call: 8 Cumspiri 2 2 O

How about a plain ‘I :heart: the TLM’ - that’ll get most people just going ‘huh?’ :hmmm:


They actually sell those…

I meant literally just ‘TLM’, not ‘Traditional Latin Mass’ - really mystify 'em!

I prefer the term Classical Roman/Latin Rite to Traditional Latin Mass. Having the word ‘Traditional’ gives rise to the derogatory use of Traditionalist and well what’s at stake is not just over the Mass. But well that’s just me.

Hmm… ‘Classical Mass’ gives the impression somewhat, of the Old Mass being a museum piece, not important for the majority of the Church.

I know some on this forum would love that to be the case, but thankfully it is not.

Old Rite (common term used in the UK) or Traditional Mass are what I usually use.

I like this one!

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I agree, with another addition:
Classical also implies that it is more Classy, like it is the Cadillac or Lexus of rites. Sure, I love the Chevy (NO) but sometimes I wanna ride in a Cadillac (CLR)

Old guy from Seinfeld: What, you think I never rode in a Cadillac before? Baaaah! :smiley:

Jack Klompus and the infamous Astronaut Pen episode.

Yup and that too :slight_smile:

Mine would simply read:

“Ite, Missa Est!”

I’d avoid the using the word Mass since the Reform of the Reform goes beyond just the question of the Mass. Its about the Liturgy as a whole and how the Roman Rite is to be expressed. On the other hand the term Classical denotes a more refined taste that is respectable. The use of Classical also allows for a certain sense of antiquity without being labeled as outrightly old fashioned. But this my own random ramblings.

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