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Can we use the Papal Coat of Arms as part of the design of Surplice? I'm planning to have one


Unless you’re the Pope, I would think that would be in bad taste - especially since Pope Francis himself doesn’t seem to be wearing vestments with the Papal coat of arms.


Are you talking of the keys of St. Peter or the coat of arms of His Holiness Pope Francis?


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Can we use the Papal Coat of Arms as part of the design of Surplice? I'm planning to have one


A surplice is, in fact, part of choir dress for priests and lesser clergy. Altar servers often wear it (particularly in the Usus Antiquior) but, as with a cassock, that is only by extension. IOW, it is not an entitlement.

At least AFAIK, a surplice should be of white linen (or, these days, a linen and/or cotton blend), perhaps with some lace here and there, but no decoration as such. I have never either seen or heard of any such design on a surplice.


I have never seen a surplice with any sort of embroidery. I also would recommend it, for fear that it would look a bit tacky.

I’d recommend buying a good, well-made, pleated white linen surplice with some lace on the sleeves and hem.


I see, how about adopting some parts but not as the whole papal coat of arms? Do you have any suggestions for designs?


If you were to find someone who could tat (make lace) very well, I think the most appropriate way to incorporate any coat of arms would be in the lace on the hems and sleeves.


I do not think this would be a good idea. What if some guy halfway across the world used your family’s coat of arms on his surplice?


I must comment that this is nothing new. Keeping in mind that all popes are much more public individuals (I imagine they don’t have much of a private life), it has become common since at least the pontificate of Bl. John XXIII.

Some examples:

1. A cope which was made for used by Paul VI, with Bl. John XXIII’s coat of arms on the front. Pope Benedict has used this cope for the past few years at Solemn Vespers on New Year’s Eve.

2. The stoles which were worn by principal concelebrants at World Youth Day in Sydney several years back.
3. A chasuble with the coat of arms of John Paul the Great. The use of JPII’s coat of arms has become very popular, namely do to the strong devotion the people have fostered to him after his death.


Blessed John Paul II's Papal coat of arms is simple yet meaningful, i wonder if it will look good as part of the front of the surplice


I am thing of buying a new surplice what is just pleated and laced


Mine has interconnected embroidered Chi-Rho’s around the major edges (sleeves and bottom), just above the lace.

It’s white on white, so it’s subtle, but there.


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