Designated Hitters


Sometimes, people claim that men and women speak different languages. When I see the initials, ERA, for example, I think, in baseball terms, Earned Run Average. Well, when I read the initials, “DH” I also think in baseball terms, “designated hitter.” Clearly, that is not the intended usage of those intials that tend to flood this message board. I grasp that the “H” likely stands for husband, but what about the D? Dear, Darling, Devoted, Divorced, Delirious, Demented, Deceased, Dirty, Dominican, Devious?

Seriously, I doubt I’m the only guy on this message board who hasn’t figured that out yet.


i’m a girl and i always think “designated hitter” too…

i assume they mean dear husband, though i suppose any other “D” word could apply :slight_smile:


I use it as “Dear,” but I’ve heard others joke that the meaning of the “D” can change, depending on how you feel at any given time. :smiley:


I thought it meant “divorced husband”!


I had no idea what IMHO meant for the longest time…I finally found out in an “online dictionary”.

Personally, I give people initials or names like “brother” “dad” to avoid such confusion!

But I suppose dear husbands could be destignated hitters for frazzled wives…“honey, could you pinch hit for me? I’m benching myself. The kids are wearing me out…”

(I apologize in advance for any sport term mistakes, as I tend to confuse them quite often :smiley: )



That would be a lot of divorced husbands!

Y’all are making me want to just type out “husband” now… :smiley:


Depending on Context
Dear Hubby
Darn hubby

Darling Son

Darling Daughter


Dads are usually the designated hitters. That’s why “Just wait until your Father gets home!” is a much more portentous statement than “Just wait until Mommy gets home!”

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