Designating a new Godparent


The Godmother I chose for my eldest daughter (who is now 11 1/2) is really not a good Catholic role model anymore. I won’t go into details and yes we pray for her.

That said, my daughter would like a “new” Godmother. We actually have a woman we would like to approach to be more of a Catholic Mentor as I don’t think there is a “rite” to have a new Godmother.

Has anyone ever done this before? How have you approached the person you would like to designate as a new godparent?

Thank you for your thoughtful replies!!!

The sponsor is the person who witnessed the baptism. That is a historical event and it cannot be changed.

You can ask someone to be a special mentor, but not a “godparent.” It is possible that your daughter could approach this person about being her confirmation sponsor and develop a spiritual mentor relationship in the years leading up to confirmation.

This is why it is so important to discern before choosing a godparent. As the previous poster stated, you cannot choose a new godparent. But asking someone to become a close Catholic mentor is perfectly fine.

you can’t change the past, that this person actually is the person who stood up for your child at baptism. So no, the baptismal record cannot be changed. Yes you can engage anyone you like as a role model for her, simply by inviting them to be part of your child’s life, and telling them why–that you admire their Christian way of life. What you can do is help your child select another person as confirmation sponsor when the time comes.

I feel for you. When my son was baptized last year I chose my wife’s brother to be the godfather. They moved to Canada the day my son was born. As soon as they settled in their new home (they are in a different part of Canada), they got lured to a Protestant church because they offer daycare during Sunday service. Naturally I was ticked off. But I’m stuck with him. But there is nothing preventing us from getting other good Catholic rolemodels in our own parish whom our children can learn from. I will do that, maybe that will work for you as well.

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