Designing your dream home

If you all of a sudden got rich and could afford to design and move into your dream home, what would it be like and have in it? I can think of some things for mine, but I am sure there are many things out there I haven’t seen or heard of before.

I’d want a fancy shower with independent shower heads at all different heights and angles. Built in towel warmers. Underfloor hot water pipes to keep the floor warm. Solar electricity. A courtyard accessible from inside the house. A large laundry room with a built in ironing board. I could go on. What would you want?

Huge marble bathtub with lotsa showerheads, marble and granite floor tiles, granite countertops, lots of mouldings with corbels.

if it would be just me, I would want a small fuel efficient C-class RV equipped with a chemical toilet, sink, microwave, plus a laptop with wireless. enough room to sleep myself, and possibly take one grand child at a time on trips. down here I would park in a Winter Texan RV park, up north, park in my kids’ driveways. don’t even need a shower I can use the rec hall or pool showers, laundry etc. I would carry a week’s worth of clothing and buy food fresh every day. I have a network of friends in RV parks all across the country so would never be lonely

for the two of us even current home is too big. one large room in the middle with seating and dining area, kitchen at one end. two rooms on either side of the big room: master bedroom with master bath and alcove for Dad’s office, guest bedroom and guest bath with alcove for my office. it would be solar and wind powered, automatic recycling of waste for fuel, and automatic composting of food garbage. patio with pot planters for herbs and salad veggies, and landscaped with river gravel and native plants.

I could just live in my dream kitchen…

Double wall oven (I love to bake!)

Lots of counter space (have NEVER had enough counter space in ANY kitchen I’ve had!)

Island cooktop (five burners, with a griddle insert) with counter space (including a built-in cutting board with a cut-out to just sweep the garbage into a receptacle under the counter) and an eating area with stools so the “eaters” can sit and visit with the cook!

Pantry with pull out shelves

Side by side fridge and freezer (like my MIL’s, she’s got the best one I’ve ever seen!)

Deep double sink with large window over it (so I can look at the scenery instead of dirty dishes!)

Toss up between laminate wood flooring or ceramic tile–maybe saltillo–but it depends if I go with a country decor (lots of roosters!) or southwestern decor (lots of chilies!) Either way, predominant color will be dark green with either walnut or dark oak.

Hutch with shelves for all my cookbooks

Maybe a bed…:wink:

Kitchen: island, two ovens, large fridge/freezer. Cold storage room for vegetables and dry goods off the kitchen - could be a basement room. That room would have a chest freezer in it too. Definitely bar stools in the kitchen for guests to chat, and for kids to participate in cooking.

Separate family room and TV room, so that socializing and reading aren’t interrupted by TV watching. The TV room would be off in the corner of the house, whereas the family room would be centralized, so that it’s more inviting to sit and read. Bookshelves everywhere.

One central homework room off the main living area, where all the kids can work at desks and use the computer(s). It should be close enough that I can glance over and check on them while I’m cooking, but not so close that noises from the kitchen/family room disturb them.

Big open playroom for the kids. Lots of chests and built-in closets for storage. Organization systems galore.

Large bathtub - large enough for an adult to stretch out comfortably in, or all four kids to bathe in together. (I don’t have any kids, but I always pictured four.) Possibly with jets, but that’d probably be harder to clean. Tiled bathroom walls and floor (safety tile), floor tiles slightly inclined away from the door, with an overflow drain in the corner farthest away from the door, so that splashing kids don’t flood the bathroom, and so you can spray the floor and walls with the flexible showerhead to clean the place. Also, bathroom cupboards should be watertight, not be made of glass (I hate people seeing my sanitary products), and have adequate space for at least six bath towels, so you never start your shower and then realize that you’ve forgotten to bring the towel.

Built in vacuum system. Fireplace. Large yard and patio with barbecue. Skylights.

Also, following my parents’ advice (they did design their dream home), twice as much cupboard / closet space, and three times as many electrical sockets, circuits, light fixtures, and phone lines as you think you need. And the cupboards, especially ones that’ll carry heavy loads, should be made of solid wood, not particle board.

Hmm… did I miss anything?

Emeril Lagasse’s kitchen set from Emeril Live and a soundproof music studio.

An outdoor walkway and driveway heating system. No more shoveling! Yeah! ( Not that we had to do it very much this winter but when I get old it would be nice to have)

Ohh my dream house! Big kitchen with an island, skylight, lots of counter and cupboard space, nice ceramic tile floor. I have a tiny kitchen now with zero counterspace and I can’t reach half my cupboards. And I would love to have a pantry.
Bathroom- double jacuzzi! And I saw these awesome tiles in a magazine bathroom that made it look like the walls were done up with little pebbles.
For the living room, I’d settle with a real couch for starters :rolleyes: I have my sister’s futon for a couch now and it’s really ruining my image! :smiley:
Also separate family room and play rooms (one for entertaining, the other for the neatly stored toys). Fireplace!

It’s too early in the morning to get this excited, I’d better stop before FH finds me drooling and buying lottery tickets :blush:

Closet and storage space!!!

I currently have none!

I nice family room, office/craft space for both of us, a beautiful bathroom and kitchen. But nothing so large I can’t take care of it myself.

And a beautifully finished basement. Gotta have a basement. :smiley:


I wouldn’t move, our 2,200 SF saltbox already has the layout of our dreams. But I’d upgrade!

Finish the basement so kids can play as loud as they like without making adults crabby!

Add an unheated/uncooled sunroom off the back.

Add a covered front porch to the boring flat front of the house.

Add skylights to the upstairs hallway, bathroom and master BR and equip them and all south facing windows with timer controlled automatic cellular blinds (passive solar heat).

Landscape the yard to die for!

Must-haves for my dream home:

*]Children’s rooms (one for girls, one for boys) accessible only through large playroom

*]Jack & Jill bathroom for kids

*]Backyard = Huge rose garden (roses only, maybe some trees scattered around) with cobblestone paths, sitting/eating areas, and winding brook. Maybe a pond, too.

*]Hobby house for a few potter’s wheels, clay, kilns, large canvas-covered tables, shelving on walls, large vats for mixing glazes

*]Library for all our books

*]Wood and tile floors (depending on the room) throughout. I despise carpet.

*]Lots of storage/closet space

Must-haves for hubby’s dream home:

*]Huge kitchen, with island and pot rack, double wall ovens, 2 dishwashers (okay, that’s for me :wink: ), a million square feet of granite counter space, beautiful hickory cabinets like we have now (okay, also for me), built-in refrigerator, built-in freezer

*]Home theater room, probably in a basement

*]Wood shop (to make speakers for home theater)

*]Model railroad hobby room

*]“Natural” or “Rain forest” style bathroom showers, and claw foot tubs

*]3 or 4 car garage

There’s lots more, but I think that covers the basics. :smiley:

I would try to make my home as eco-friendly as possible…that to me, would be my dream home. I would also love to live smack dab on the beach, not in florida though–the insurance rates are too high, and i’d have to worry about hurricanes…but, maybe like in cape cod or something…that would be neat.

First I’d want a huge lot (5 acres) with a swimming pool, a fancy play set for the kids, a tree house, huge garden, and lots of big trees.

My kitchen would be huge with granite countertops and lots of cabinet space. A HUGE walk-in pantry is a must! Skylights would be nice if the floor plan would allow.

A large top-floor laundry room.

The basement will have a family room for TV watching and a huge play area for the kids with a top of the line play kitchen, store, and everything else they need to play house :smiley:

I don’t want a huge master bath, but it would have a seperate little room for the toilet, along with a shower and a jacuzi tub.

4-5 bedrooms so I can put no more than 2 kids in each room and still have a guest room (aka the snoring room :stuck_out_tongue: ).

And throw in a huge garage for DH :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be pretty cool to be totally energy self-sufficent with wind power, solar power, or a combo of both.

i’d buy acreage and move my house :smiley:

Acreage and an extreme Green home.
It would have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, I don’t want the kiddos to all have their own room, there’s a lot to be gained by siblings sharing a room. :thumbsup:
Large laundry room with a big area for folding and sorting.
A big kitchen for all the cooking hubby and I love to do
and a big family room/livingroom/dining room…

I’d want a room off the kitchen that maybe opened onto a porch which would be my clutter room. There would be space to take off a muddy pair of shoes and leave them there. There would be a large/deep sink for big projects, there would be counterspace for craft projects, working on flower arrangements, or folding laundry. There would be room for a washer and dryer, a deep freeze and extra pantry space both for extra food as well as kitchen equipment that isn’t in constant use. I could keep my vacuum, mop, brooms, scrub brushes etc in there.

And on the more frivoulous side, a master bedroom that is like a retreat…with a deep soaking tub, fireplace, and maybe a sofa or a couple of chairs.

I really have no desire to have a big or fancy house though.

I would want one of those tankless water heaters – endless supply of hot water :smiley:

I’d also have a fantastic kitchen – not that I cook much – with a faucet over the stove to fill the pasta pot.

I’m sure there’s more, but…


Haha DH and I have talked about this many times…our first goal is to just be able to buy A house in general…but, if we had our dream house it would include the following:

-a nice giant fireplace in the livingroom and another one in our basement (which would be finished, have a pool table, a bar, and a poker table for DH and his friends)

  • a big eat-in kitchen with PLENTY of cabinets - some with roll out shelves for our pots and pans
    -wrap-around porch
    -big master bathroom with a jacuzzi/bathtub for relaxing and a nice shower separate from that
    -big backyard with lots of big trees
    -paved driveway (DH grew up with a gravel one)

I’d have to add lots and lots of closet space, and nice big rooms for the kids.

When we talked about this the first time, DH described what his ideal dream home would be and I laughed when he was done and said, “So, basically my parents’ house?” Yep. :smiley:

So many great ideas! I love the endless hot water! I’d also add sky lights. Those ones with the angle in them so planes or satellites couldn’t see right in. All I need is someone calling me 10 years from now to say I’m on google earth, and you can see me through the sky light stepping out of my shower. :rolleyes:

At least 50 acres. A wonderland of ponds, streams, paths, bridges, statues, fountains, vegetable and flower gardens, hedges, swings, tree houses and play areas, a hobbit hole, lawns, woods, an orchard, a small guest house, a nice sized caretaker’s house.

Animals like bunnies, deer, squirrels, song birds, butterflies, turtles, fish, frogs and polywogs, fireflies.

The kitchen would have lots of floor space for people walking past each other, a large walk-in pantry, an automatic gas stove, two sinks-one for dishes and one for washing produce or filling tea kettles, an attached heated and cooled sun room, and those fancy drawer dishwashers, bread warmers, and other luxury appliances.

A wrap-around porch. A large back deck. Normal sized windows. Dormers. Hidden passageways. A conservatory filled with plants. A full sized library. A full house programmable stereo system. A dumb waiter between floors. Amazing lighting options. You are all giving me great ideas for my dreams!

A butler’s pantry would be nice for storing all those serving pieces that you need only once a year but don’t have any place to keep :slight_smile:

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