Desire of the Everlasting Hills


After reading the two other books by Thomas Cahill, The Gifts of the Jews, and How the Irish saved Civilization, I decided to read the Desire of the Everlasting Hills.

Pretty deep into it, and while I am finding that he is making some good points, I am finding that it doesn’t appear that he is Catholic. this surprised by, based on the previous writings I had read and the little I read in his biography.

Has anyone else read this and did you come to the same conclusion that I did?

To be honest, I am also a little put off by his frequent allusions to pop culture in a historical work.




Just read a commentary on the life of John Paul II that the author wrote in the New York Times:

My first reaction is what a smug, self-satisfied individual!! He clearly has a desire to be thought of as “clever” by his friends in the media elite.

John Paul II did not bring the end of the Catholic Church but a new beginning. Strange how Cahill laments JP II’s support for Catholic doctrine, but doesn’t chide popular media and intellectual elites for shoving their views down every’s throats.

Now I see why the book was so easily available second hand, even though it is a signed copy.

I know that some churches across the world are struggling to fill pews. I would like to inform Mr. Cahill that the church I attend each Sunday typically has people standing (because all of the seats are filled), and over half of the congregation is young adults and their children. Yes, children! Seems like we have an infant baptism nearly every other week sometimes!

Maybe instead of writing about the demise of the Catholic Church, he should have written about the demise of his career.

Silly man!! Who did he think was buying his books!


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