Desire to help others


God please intercede in me all my life for other people. Accept as prayer, my desire to help others, and bless them in all our interactions. Accept as prayer for others, every breath, heartbeat and cell of my body, every thought, word and act of my life. Let all I am as child of God, be united with Your love for others.

Let me become a living “amen” to all Your loving hopes and dreams for other people. This can only be realised through Your merciful love, which You reveal through Jesus in those who follow His ways.

Allow Your Spirit in me to spiritually locate the sad and abused, lonely and despairing, anywhere in any age, so that I may obtain the word or touch that decides them for life, goodness and love. I wish no person, however wretched or sinful, however lukewarm or obnoxious, to feel overlooked.

Yet if only I were not such a poor instrument. Yet in this period of history, a two-dollar piece of paper with a few hopeful symbols upon it, can win even as much as twenty million dollars. Likewise let me ‘win’ Your Mercy (which each trusting soul can win) so that I may truly be able to help others. February 2002

I ask You to heal any way I fail to live with spontaneity and joy, and enhance my capacity to cheer and bless others.
I ask You to heal any way I fail Your loving dream of me, and any failure to promote the fulfilment of Your dreams for anyone.
I trust You to heal anyone who judges me, of the burden of their judgement, as it may pointlessly distract and irritate them.

Bless anyone who sees the reflection of God’s grace in me. Bless those who welcome me as a friend.

Thank You for the love, affection, attentiveness and affirmation that You inspire in me for others. Help me to flourish joyfully as the person whom You created me to be.


Your prayers are beautiful. Thank you so very much! I say AMEN to your prayers.










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