Desire to Love is universal...hate is not...comment?

I was commenting on anther board and had an inspiration. I decided to post it here for comment.

The desire to love and be loved (familial, brotherly love) is hardwired in us. Just as God IS love and we are made in His image, so then must we be love.

Hate is not a desire. No one desires to hate. Or, if one does desire hate - they would be seen as highly abnormal.

Love is natural and proper…hate must be manufactured.



Original sin causes us to be prone towards hate and other unnatural things. No one, generally, desires to hate. Hate just comes to us unnaturally do to the fall of man.

That is quite a profound observation. :slight_smile:

Could hate be a product of certian factors in society?

Definitely agree that we are inclined to love our family and kin, as if it is hardwired in us.
Yet, even such love as this, can be marred by the indifference of selfishness and pride, and even extinguished by hurt, betrayal and mistrust.

Iniquity will increase, and the love of many will wax cold (Matt.24:12)

Let us pray that such does not happen to us.

God’s peace


Very likely. Most often it seems that hate is a response from some perceived injustice.


Kind of like when you kill are terrorist, five more take his place.

I say we are hard wired for love. Love makes no judgments. A baby doesn’t even distinguish between itself and other, much less what belongs to it and what belongs to other. Perfect humility.

Hate is the perversion of love. Society infects our MOS (Mental Operating System) with various training messages that cause pride, envy, and anger – leading to hate. Jesus vaccinates us with the antibodies – that mortalize and mortify us – so that the love may grow like yeast throughout our dough.

I got that idea after looking at Dante’s Mountain of Purgatory… I just started a thread about it so it was on my mind when I looked at this thread.


That would be one example.


Hate is born out of hell and satan. On Earth our worldy lives we have hope (good and God given) but the fight between good and evil creats hate. the fruits of hate are envy jealousy lust selfishness etc. The devil is in our lives trying to tempt us to hate by way of seeing others have what we want. I fall in that catagory. Where as long suffering almsgiving agape love charity mortification are from God. It is so much easier to fall than to rise. It is easier to give into jealousy envy and lust. I am going through that right now. so i know. Hate is not from God but from our sinfulness and satan and hell which is very real and in our lives. untill Jesus comes again (hope today) we will be dealing with hate. that is my feelings on hate.

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”
St. Augustine of Hippo

We are talking about anti Catholicism among Protestants in another thread. A Baptist was not born with hate of the Catholic Church. That Baptist (if they hate the Church) was taught that and raised to believe that. Just like a Neo Nazi was not born to hate minorities.

Just more examples lol

i agree with your proposition and inspiration. even though we are born into original sin we are meant to love as God so loves us. i cant see infants hating, therefore; hate is a learned response (easily learned due to our sinful nature).

I agree - you are on to something good here. There are a few points I think about slightly different…

God is Love - agreed.

Human beings may or may not be hard wired to love. Most of us bond with our mothers shortly after birth - chemical receptors in both the mother and the baby go crazy, mapping this imprint to such an extreme that many mothers agree - it feels primal. The thought of someone harming our child could drive us to do things we would never have thought to do to anyone before we had the child. Many parents say they would instinctively put themselves between their child and danger - even if it meant risking their life - even if it was certain to mean their life.

There have been experiments in the past - some of them accidental, some of them planned (to the horror of most people). When a child is born and deprived - not just of it’s mother’s love, but of any love - in fact human contact of any kind is kept to a bare minimum. In these cases, the child may develop 'reactive attachment disorder’ (the link is to the Mayo Clinic’s guide to this issue).

So, I conclude that we are beings that have the ability to love and hate. Hopefully, we are loved by our parents and go on to develop normally - and are able to choose to love or hate as adults.

I see the nature of love is giving, selfless and creative.
I see the nature of hate as something usually born of fear, and it becomes selfish and destructive.
I don’t think the opposite of love as hate - but of apathy. I don’t see ‘hell’ as a burning pit - but the complete absence of Love.

Basic survival instinct causes us to affiliate ourselves with others who promotes our well being. We shy away from toxic people and things. If you are talking about Christ-like love where you do good to and care for others who would harm you, well, you are talking about supernatural love.

May God give you strength in your troubles.

Good insights. The thing that your post makes clear is what the devil is tempting us away from is what should be our natural desire…To Love, to create, to embrace etc.
All things that Satan tempts us with calls us away from something that builds up…all of which stems from love…


Haven’t had time to look at the link, but wanted to comment on you last bit here.
Note how you describe Love - Love “Is”…whereas you describe hate as being “born of”.
This is why I see Love as being an essential part of our nature…hate is not.



Uhm, James, the “hate” we are talking about is filial hate and/or hatred which is irrational hate, not hate as a passion as defined by St. Thomas Aquinas, right?

Not familiar with Aquinas’s definition…Does he believe there is such a thing as rational hate?

But yes - I was mainly thinking in terms of hate for one’s fellow man.



According to St. Thomas, love is the most fundamental passion a human has. It is the sole reason for all that he does, thinks, at feels. Love, by his definition, is the desire to attain a good. But this also means that hate is also a very fundamental passion, second only to love, because hate is the desire to avoid an evil, which is the opposite of a good, and which in fact will harm or prevent attainment of that good. Thus, hate is also caused by love (ST I-II, Q 29, A 2).

Think about it. If you love someone, would you also love seeing him or her getting sick or hurt?

Now all passions can be rational if they obey reason, and irrational if not. Irrational love is just as sinful as irrational hate. Irrational love is displayed in the seven deadly sins as pride, lust, greed, and gluttony; irrational hate is in wrath and sloth; irrational love and hate are admixed in that sad sin called envy.

Now St. Thomas Aquinas talks about filial hate in this part: It begins with the ominous question “Whether it is possible for anyone to hate God?”

Finally, St. Thomas Aquinas wrote the following:
Even as in the blessed in heaven there will be most perfect charity, so in the damned there will be the most perfect hate. Wherefore as the saints will rejoice in all goods, so will the damned grieve for all goods. Consequently the sight of the happiness of the saints will give them very great pain; hence it is written (Isaiah 26:11): “Let the envious people see and be confounded, and let fire devour Thy enemies.” Therefore they will wish all the good were damned.

ST, Supplement, Q98, A4

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