Desiring heaven


What is the correct way to desire heaven?

Is it wrong to desire complete happiness or obey God just to get complete happiness?

How does a proper Christian desire heaven?

God Bless


I guess that the best thing you could do in order to desire Heaven is to PREPARE for it. That includes living a Saintly life (receiving the sacraments, prayer, etc.). Through living a Saintly life you will come to love God more and more and your soul will naturally want to be with God forever in heaven.

For some info on heaven and how beautiful it truely is, read some of what the visionaries of Medjugorje say about it.

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I was struggling with this issue myself… but remember heaven is what God made us for. He loves us and we love Him. It’s not selfish at all to want to be with those you love, unless all you want is happiness and couldn’t care less about God.

If you’ve ever seen a really beautiful cathedral, or a brilliant sunrise, or the most awe-inspiring magnificent mountain range, or have just made a long-coming comfession, and you sort of lose your breath for a minute and your heart is just singing praise to the Lord… I’d think of it like that. For me, that’s when I’m the happiest, and the happiness wouldn’t be there without the love for God. He wants to bring us closer to Him, and loves to see us happy like this. Humility is different than having a really low self-esteem and not wanting happiness because you think you’re not worthy. You need to keep in mind that you’re not worthy of His Love, but not to the point that you want to deny it, but rather that it makes you even more thankful for it, and more devoted to God.

Is this kind of along the lines of your thoughts? :confused: Hope this helps! Like I said I was really worried that I was being selfish in my praying the other day… but that might have been the devil whispering in my ear. Because it’s not like that at all. Society is so corrupt, it places all of these ideas in our minds that are barriers to God on occasion. We really have to knock these walls down, you know? Such as what I’m working on is doing the sign of the cross before and after my lunch at a public school… (I’m a senior) and even though my friends are all Catholics (it just happened that way), not all of them are very devout… but it doesn’t matter because they all know I’m devout anyway. And I am trying to condition myself to not be afraid of what people think of me because I’m so close to college. We need to stay faithful to God both inwardly and outwardly no matter what, right? :smiley:


Stick with the material in the Scriptures and approved by the Church. The visionaries of Medjugorje have contradicted themselves several times, and are not approved by the Church.


Welcome jongenaro! :D(btw talking about Medjugorje is off-limits… since it hasn’t been approved yet. And threads tend to dissolve into speculation and slapfights over it. We’re just waiting until the apparitions stop and they can be evaluated officially.)


I as a Christian I always thought the whole point of existence itself was to desire to be one with God for eternity, i.e. heaven. After all, he did create our spirits and everything…:wink:


In the journey to Holiness and Godly Love, we almost all start out with this kind of “reward” mentality. We even refer to it that way as in, "He went to his Final Reward."
The myatics of the Church, (Francis DeSales, Catherine of Sienna, John of the Cross etc.) all dealt with this in one degree or another.
We begin by turning away from sin, accepting God, praying and getting our life in order. While we are doing it for Love, tht Love is often a servile Love - Savish fear - Fear of Hell or desire for heaven.
Next as we grow in our Journey, continuing to pray and rooting out those deep sins our Love growss stronger. Both our Love of God and Our heighbor. But it is still a “mercenary Love” (servise of God motivated by reward)
In the higher stages of development our Love becomes a “Spousal Love” or Filial Love. In this stage we are “ruled by Love”. Even Love of our enemies. Love of God as a very Dear Friend whom you would never hurt under any circumstances, not because of reward or punishment, but because of Love.

If you would like to pursue this an excellant book is “The Fulfillment of All Desire” by Ralph Martin.

I promote this book so much I should get a cut :D:D.

Seriously though it is an excellent read and will answer your questions on this subject.



Sorry, I don’t mean to carry on the subject, but isn’t the world supposed to end when they end? We won’t need to evaluate them, in that case.


thanks for the informations bro…


A proper Christian should desire to be one with God, love him for his own sake, and obey him out of love. Merely desiring heavenly pleasures or avoiding hellish suffering is not the proper attitude for a Christian. If one repents of sin with the sole or primary intention of experiencing heavenly pleasure, avoiding the suffering in hell, or do so out of fear of death, then it would not be perfect contrition, but imperfect contrition, and the guilt of sin would remain. Now, Perfect contrition is when one repents out of love for God and intends to repair one’s relationship with him, it would follow also that one must promise to partake of the sacrament of confession whenever the opportunity arises and resolve to never sin again. This would remove the guilt of sin.

May God bless you.


:rotfl: Good one :slight_smile:


Sorry about that. I didn’t know that unapproved apparitions were off limits. Thanks for lettin’ me know. =)

Plus, we can experience Heaven through the Mass because the Mass is Heaven on Earth!!!


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