Desiring heaven

Is there such a thing as desiring heaven too much?

I’d say no :slight_smile:

however, there can be several deceptions involved in this…
one is that the person might stop seeing the importance of this life as a time to learn to love God and serve Him and become holy… this might even lead them to become suicidal.

However, wanting to go to Heaven, or waiting for Heaven, are not bad things imo.
if anything, they help us to love God more than the world.

God bless

Thanks Monica.

Here’s a scenario. If I want to do something I know is wrong, but I think about losing the happiness of heaven, is that a flawed motivation? I mean, in my mind worshipping and being with Jesus is the centerpiece of our heavenly reward, but I’m also thinking about how happy I will be in heaven. Is this selfish?

I honestly think…anything that gets us to avoid sin, is good :thumbsup:

I mean, it IS more perfect to want to go to heaven simply to be with Jesus… but I dont’ think most people (including myself) are yet at that stage of detachment from self. So if it’s the happiness of Heaven that you’re thinking about, it doesn’t seem wrong to me if it turns you away from sin. It also means that you recognize that God can give us more happiness than any sin :slight_smile: which is true cause sin doesn’t give us anything except an illusion which later destroys our souls.

God bless

what you are thinking though is truth, commit the sin and loose the splender of heaven and the warmth of grace given to you.

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