Desiring the greater gifts!


The Bible tells us its ok to desire greater gifts. I would love to see an angel or have a visitation from someone in heaven. I guess it is possible as many Saints have had these experiences. So I prayed at adoration for something like that to happen. Even in a dream, it would be so awesome! Has anyone here ever had a visitation or seen an angel?


Oh also, today was the first day I wore a veil at church. It did feel sacred or special for me, like a quiet place for me and Jesus to commune. I got a look but I was only at adoration, this weekend I will wear it to church where hardly no one wears them. But I feel good about it, like its between me and God.


I’d like it too but we’re not supposed to want these things.
I do look every consecration to see if I can see the angels.
So far no angels.
I’m not very Holy compared to saints so I’m not expecting much.


I know what you mean. I’m not holy at all. :cry: I sometimes think I won’t even make it to Purgatory!

I have sometimes wished for the gift of healing. I’m scared to pray for it, though: seems kind of like presumption. Plus, I’m not really sure if I’d want to heal because I love others and want to help them, or if I want it so that I might appear great in the sight of others. Better just to leave it alone, I guess.


This was a reference to the charisms of the Holy Spirit. Which the Vatican/ Popes/ Vatican II/ Catechism and the ICCR vatican doctrinal commission have approved in the Catholic charismatic renewal,

It means we can ask God for the charisms of the Holy Spirit,
Of tongues, prophecy, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, preaching, teaching, miracles, faith, healing, deliverance, discernment of spirits, dreams, interpretation of tongues.

See the Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission into the charisms of the Holy Spirit in the Vatican Approved catholic charismatic renewal:

However the saints say we cannot ask God for Mysticism:
Which is: apparitions, inner locution, visions, bilocation, stigmata,

Because those things are only for Mystical Saints of a High level of sanctity, carry heavy crosses, and because the devil can imitate mysticism,
(Read Saint Theresa of Avila’s biography)


Yes I think its the gift discernment of spirits that was interesting to me, seeing the spiritual world. But maybe God knows im too much of a timid person even to see an angel, lol! Id prob get freaked out.


This is exactly correct. We should be desiring the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but it is not appropriate to ask for supernatural visions. It’s better to just concentrate on your own faith and walk.

If you were asking God for something like this, I think it would be easier to be deceived by the Enemy. Better to let God show you something in His own time if He thinks it would be helpful for you.

I remember reading how Padre Pio begged God to take away his gifts of stigmata and seeing so many departed souls until he finally accepted it. God gives these holy experiences to only His most humble of Saints, I think.


Yes but we are also supposed to set our desire to become a saint. He says it is attainable to all of us, so why not want to see some of the things saints did? I dont think thats not humble.


I think this article might be helpful for you.

Four Lessons From the Mystical Saints


Im not asking for the stigmata or something. I just dare to dream that we all are trying to become saints and if so, maybe it would be awesome to see an angel or something like that. I dont think thats bad to want.


again im just wondering if anyone has experienced any of these things?


It is better to desire to love the Lord with all your heart.

Doctors of the Church on prayer remind us of that.


If anyone experiences such things it means that the Lord has given them something good at the moment they received it (what you would call a special favor). The important thing is that they should not focus on the favor, but on pleasing God in all things. God does what is best for our sanctification.

We need to see the God of consolation, not the consolations of God. I think the sentence I just wrote may be found in “The Imitation of Christ”.


‘For a man’s merits are not measured by many visions or consolations, or by knowledge of the Scriptures, or by his being in a higher position than others, but by the truth of his humility, by his capacity for divine charity, by his constancy in seeking purely and entirely the honor of God.’ - The Imitation of Christ


Exactly, Personally I can’t think of anything higher than a genuine love of God in terms of gifts.


Hmm, not in the physical sense have I ever seen an angel with wings or even a saint in heaven. No, no angels or saints have I seen that I recall.


When Adele Brise saw Mary appear as Our Lady of Good Help (bishop-approved apparition in Wisconsin, USA), she was walking with several friends, none of whom saw anything. One of the friends said, “Oh, I wish I could see her!” to which Mary reportedly said very kindly, “Blessed are they who have not seen, but still believe.” I try to content myself with that.

It’s true that some of the saints who had the gift of seeing angels and visions and such also saw and had to fight off horrible demons or saw other awful things like Hell. Maybe best to be happy with what God decides is best for you.


May God grant you your wish and that you will grow holy in stature every day.


The Vatican’s Doctrinal Commission, which along with the Popes/ Vatican II/ Vatican, has approved of the Catholic Charismatic renewal has these two statements regarding:

Seeking the charisms of the Holy Spirit (is a holy thing to do, if you desire this for the right reasons) (tongues, prophesy, miracles, healing, discernment of spirits, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, preaching, teaching, deliverance, dreams) see Corinthians,

Seeking mystical gifts (such as bilocation, visions, apparitions, stigmata,) is vanity, the devil can imitate it, and there are heavy crosses with such gifts that a normal christian could not carry,

Desiring to see an angel, is desiring to see an apparition/ vision. (The church labelled the visits of the Angel of Peace to the children of Fatima, as apparitions). To desire such is to desire a mystical gift, which the saints and church state people should not desire or ask God for because Seeking mystical gifts (such as bilocation, visions, apparitions, stigmata,) is vanity, the devil can imitate it, and there are heavy crosses with such gifts that a normal christian could not carry,


We are not to discuss any visions/Private revelations etc that are not approved by the Church.

It’s a CAF Rule.

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