Desmond Tutu: I want right to end my life through assisted dying


**Desmond Tutu has said he would like the option of ending his life through assisted dying as he called on politicians, lawmakers and religious leaders to take action on the issue.

In an article published on his 85th birthday on Friday, and following several spells in hospital this year for recurring infections, the emeritus archbishop of Cape Town and anti-apartheid activist reiterated his support for assisted dying, first disclosed in the Guardian in 2014.**

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This is very sad. He claims to be a representative of Christ! :frowning: :mad:


Didnt the bible make it clear that eventually even the ‘elect’ would be fooled into following doctrines of demons?


I guess he does not believe in redemptive suffering.


I guess, social justice warriors generally don’t believe in it.


Yes, excellent point:
Matthew 24:24

False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect. (NAB online)


This makes me sad. The first time I’ve heard of Desmond Tutu was in a homily on Word on Fire by Bishop Barron on turning the other cheek as a good example. I thought he must have been a great, orthodox bishop if Bishop Barron brought him up. I guess not. :frowning:


Well, this is the same bishop who approved of South Africa’s new abortion policy and also “opposed Christian disagreement” with homosexuality. He’s campaigned for some good things, such as opposition to abuse of women and against poverty. There’s a list here, but it includes all issues that he outwardly supports or opposes:


Even the pagans had a better morality with the Hippocratic oath. With so many Christian leaders going so far off track the future is frightening.


Makes me sad, too. But redbetta, I bet one thing you haven’t heard about is Ronald Reagan’s pro-Apartheid politics. Please forgive me if I’m wrong, by the way, but even people my age tend to forget the really over-the-top battles-of-words between Tutu and Reagan in the late eighties. At the time it was a very big deal, but somehow the passage of time has made everyone forget what was once front page news. Either that, or else their just being nice to Reagan’s memory, which actually doesn’t necessarily reflect his hordes and hordes of detractors at that time. So it’s weird, because Tutu has really come across as almost more than one person, he’s changed so much. Anyway, I don’t mean to talk negatively about either of them; it’s just very strange how history has played out.


Reagan was not pro-apartheid. Reagan believed that at war (and the Cold War was perceived as such) one has to make reluctant alliances with unpleasant people.


I have never heard that about Ronald Reagan. Thanks for the info. I was also under the impression that the bishops of Africa are generally more orthodox and everyone is saying how Africa is the future of Christianity.


Reagan was the single most pro-Apartheid politician, and the most outspoken, anywhere on Earth outside of South Africa itself.


Yeah. Ask you’re parents, their probably roughly the same age as me. Though I think it kind of depends on your geographical area. Like, my cousins are from Texas, and they all just loved Reagan. To the point that it can’t really even be overstated. But on large stretches of the West Coast it was just the reverse; almost as bad as George W. Bush’s Presidency, popularity-wise. :shrug:


How was Reagan pro Apartheid?


Desmond Tutu isn’t Catholic. He’s Anglican I believe.


Reagan was virulently, virulently pro-Apartheid. During his Presidency he actually had Nelson Mandela labelled a terrorist for his anti-Apartheid work. Again, I don’t exactly mean to denigrate Ronald Reagan, but it’s history. That’s just how it was at the time. Public opinion was quite different.


This is off-topic, but by the way, you mentioned in a post a while back that you were in a med program. Then later in another thread someone said that med students couldn’t be vocally anti-abortion without paying a heavy academic price for it. But I asked my brother about that, who’s Catholic and who went through med school, and he told me that it didn’t really affect him too much to be outspoken about it. :shrug: I dunno. I took a very different path (to put it mildly), but it sounds like you’re on a fast track to success. Which is very cool, so please take heart! :slight_smile:


Or you are grossly exaggerating a few events that could have other explanations, while ignoring others. :shrug:


Yes, he is a bishop of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (which is in the Anglican Communion). If he were Catholic, I’m sure that Pope Francis would say something to him! :eek:

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