Despair about Obama

The guy’s a flat balloon.

Just not at all able to live up to all the many promises he made. This is a second-rate George W. Bush here.

----abortion? (only Notre Dame thought he’s right)
—homosexuality (a BIG ISSUE to the Current Occupant)
—women in combat (c’mon; let’s be realistic about the dangers all around by this)
—legalized pot (this of course is the Super Baby Boomer Issue of the Day)
—More Promises, Fewer Results; More Conflict; More Lying in Washington
—Complete administrative failure to implement reform on Wall Street
—no willingness to seriously rebuke the Wall Street Banksters
—no concern for the Common Man or Common Woman or Common Family
—crazy international stunts
—seriously chilling economic policy (print up the trillions)

it just goes on. What a wash this guy’s been!

Politics is politics. In order to be elected the pols say things that they KNOW can never be delivered. Right now it’s impossible to get anything accomplished in DC due to the lack of the House members understanding how compromise works in the real world. As far as social issues are concerned, most of the time it is a states rights issue, such as gay marriage and abortion rulings. Just my 2 cents worth!:shrug:

The blindness is blinding.

Be honest, Captain America. Did you vote for him? Tell the truth :slight_smile:

Oh,puleese:rolleyes:The House doesn’t know how to compromise?Do you believe everything the lame stream media spouts?

Pray for him and our other world leaders.

Lord only knows what kinds of things try to influence them and their policy making. In the end the best thing we can do is pray for our leadership and be involved in the political process to the best of our ability and station in life.

God Bless

Actually, it’s the president’s job to bring the parties together to get things done, not to be the cheerleader for his party only. BHO hasn’t fulfilled his most important duty nor his campaign promise to do that very thing. Instead, he’s done all he can to stir the pot and then blamed it all on the opposition party. It’s why the government shut down. The man doesn’t know how to govern, he only knows how to campaign and blame his failures on others.

Obama had many doing cartwheels when he swore to make the rich pay their fair share. Some knew that in those words he really “considers” the middle class rich because of his liberal “world view”. He believes that all Americans have and are profiting off the poorest, not only in the US but the world. We as a nation are to be taught a lesson through liberation theology. If you do not know what liberation theology is, please educate yourself. The country has been so dumbed down and we are paying for it…the world will pay for it because as we produce less many will go hungry…

Also consider: a statement by Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev in 1959:
“We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”

This is true.I do pray for all of our politicians,specifically those who endorse the many social evils pervading our society.Having said that,I also have a lot of disgust and anger towards them as well.


In his first innaugural address, I was struck by the absence of any mention of “working together” or “reaching across the aisle” that had characterized speeches for as long as I can remember. I don’t think that bi-partisanship is a concept that he has a good grasp of. :frowning:

As a community organizer it was obvious he was to bring people to his beliefs…

Maybe, but not as president. His main duty is to govern, not to “bring people to his beliefs.” :slight_smile:

The “great unifier” has divided more than ever.

:yup: Too true.

His biggest problem is coming soon, there are many videos of his speech where he clearly tells people, “if they like their current health plan, they can keep it”, but now we are finding out that is not true at all, If I had received a letter saying I had to get new health insurance, I would send them that speech when Obama clearly tells people they can keep current plans if they choose, there is nothing that can be done, this came directly from the president!

Seems to me it is the President who doesn’t know or care how compromise works! It seems that the House was so ready to compromise recently, they would have accepted a $20.00 Walmart gift card!:shrug:

It takes a great deal of self-control to not say, “I told you so!! :D:D:D” to all the people that have become disappointed with our Dear Leader.

The only reason I don’t do it is because this is serious. True suffering is going to result from this. People are losing their homes, their jobs, their health insurance.

It is not a game. Government is not a place to embark on social experiments. Real people get hurt.

And the truth is, this was absolutely foreseeable.

Do you honestly believe that will make any difference?



He does know how to play golf and take expensive vacations.

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