What exactly is the sin of despair, and how do I know if I’m committing it or not?

This explains what you need to know…

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Thank you. (Yep. I’m in trouble.)

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

DESPAIR. The sin by which a person gives up all hope of salvation or of the means necessary to reach heaven. It is therefore not mere anxiety about the future or fear that one may be lost. It is rather a deliberate yielding to the idea that human nature cannot co-operate with God’s grace, or that the despairing person is too wicked to be saved, or that God has cast one away. It is a grave crime against God’s goodness. Experience also shows that a tendency to despair can seriously injure one’s physical and mental health, and ironically can lead to all kinds of sinful indulgence. (Etym. Latin de, the opposite of + sperare, to hope: desperatio, hopelessness, despair.)

I suggest that you consider reading about divine mercy.Maybe you can find some peace in that revelation.

I know that this might sound silly - but , today if the first day of the rest of your life.

Leave the past behind. Be a new person in Christ

I have to add more.

I went through a period where I would destroy myself from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep everyday for years.I’m way pass that now - I found my answer and it was in being there for others - in the middle of my dispair I was given an opportunity to become a Hospice Palitive care volunteer - what a great place to go in my dispair I thought - I did it to punish myself - unfortunately for me I forgot myself in doing the work - came to realize it was how I was thinking - I loved misery it was the only place I felt safe.

Dispair comes because we have done something we can’t forgive ourselves for - find forgiveness - because we want something that is out of reach - let it go - or we have lost someone close to us in death or loss of relationship - move on you can’t change what has happened.

The general term is stinking thinking and when you see that it is you that is doing the damage to yourself you can stop yourself from thinking that way - it does take time. It took years for me to perfect my destroying thought and I was good at it - and it took years for me to move away from thinking that way.Its time for you to put what ever it is behind you and live again. Its in your hands to do it and God will help if you ask.

I found my faith again.

this is what atheists are always doing, I hear “oh well I’m going to hell anyway”

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