Desperate: abnormal pap smear


I had an abnormal result for my pap smear from last month. It says I have mild dysplasia and was referred to get a coloscopy.

At the same time, it seems that I also have fibrocystic breast disease and I’m constantly in pain. I say it seems that I have it because my appointment for my mammogram is until in 2 weeks. I really hope it’s not something worst.

Anyway, since I had all those news at my doctor’s office, I have not been able to function. I can’t concentrate at work, I cry a lot, I cannot enjoy my family and worst of all, I don’t know how to plan ahead. I’m a contractor at a school. I can get as much or as little work as I want during the school year. I had planned to take all the work I could handle this coming school year because my husband will be doing his non-paid student teaching for three months this same school year.

Now, I don’t know if I will be able to functon at work, or even worst, what if I have to go through a series of procedures and treatments and I’m not able to work. Besides, I have no insurance and no job benefits because I’m self-employed.

I’m desperate. I feel in the middle of nowhere in my life. Please help!


Prayers for you. :crossrc:

I had an abnormal pap smear test some years back - the treatment was a very simple same-day procedure (under general anaesthetic though) and no problems since. I don’t imagine yours would be any worse, and it shouldn’t require more than a day off work. You might not even need that much done.

I’m not sure about the breast problem. Has your doctor suggested that it could be something worse? If not, then it’s highly unlikely. Try your hardest not to assume the worst, just wait for the results.


Remember what the Lord said about worrying? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Just take it a day at a time, and try not to jump to conclusions. I know it’s so easy to do that, because I’ve been there many times myself. I used to have severe breast pains at seemingly random times but after the exam, the doctor assured me that “not every lump or pain is cancer.” She was right, and nothing ever came out of it. Mammograms help rule things out, so the sooner you get that over with, the better. You’ll feel very relieved when the test results come back clean.

God bless.


Since January, I have had an abnormal pap (which was redone a few days ago, so now I’m waiting for results) an abnormal mammo (which required 2 biopsies, thankfully benign, though not “nothing”) and 4 moles removed for biopsy (waiting on results).

Pray and put it all in God’s hands. Not easy, I know, but what else can you do?


I used to do nursing in an OBGyn office and have known of many,many cases of results like yours. They were treated quite simply, as Lily said. The breast disease is painful (I’m so sorry) but not deeply serious usually. Get the mammogram as needed! Cut out the foods (or whatever your dr. advises) and it’s probably not going to be a major problem. I would pray (this is a situation in which I would feel a little strange going directly to Jesus, as He’s a man, so Mary is perfect), then call and talk to the dr or the nurse about your concerns.


Been there, done that. Mine was a Level 2. I ended up having a procedure done but (LEEP) now everything is fine. It was simple in-office procedure. It could have been a little dicey, but it went ok.

Check out:


While it may seem overwhelming, please realize that more times than not, everything turns out ok. Prayers up for you…


If it helps, I had several abnormal paps in my 20’s and was treated with cryosurgery. I’m now 42 and have never had another abnormal pap. I was also diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts in my 20’s and it’s never been a problem and they no longer ache and haven’t for years. Also, I was called back after my first mammogram (at 37) and turns out I had some tiny calcium deposits.

I know what you are feeling, I couldn’t sleep for two days until I had the follow up mammogram. Hang in there and pray. It’s going to be all right no matter what.


Thank you very much for all your posts.
They are especially valuable because they are personal experiences.

I feel a lot better by now. I’ll just do what the doctor advises and put everything in God’s hands.

Thanks again


I also had an abnormal pap smear a few years ago and there’s probably no big need to worry. I had the colposcopy and then cryotherapy but in the end everything turned out ok. If you catch it quickly, get it taken care of, and monitor it through the years you will be fine. I have to get another check up pap smear on Monday so I’m hoping it will be ok. Abnormal pap smears are very common so try not to worry too much about it. :thumbsup:


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