Desperate Democrats resort to race-baiting to spur black vote




Dang! :frowning:


This is what desperation looks like


Thanks to libertarians, Georgia is headed to a runoff. :rolleyes:

North Carolina is a real toss-up. Hopefully, the GOP can get their base out big like they did two years ago.


I don’t understand why they can speak at these baptist conventions yet in Houston pastors
are being told to hand over their sermons to be revealed for political bias.


Going to be interesting to see if this works. I am hopeful the Republicans re-take the Senate. If they do not, we really do have a problem. I can’t remember a time when the left has been more full of hateful rhetoric. I am an independent; I started to sense this trend a couple of years after the Obama election and it is just getting more and more out of control. Even Bill Clinton is putting the brakes on “identity politics.” I think he realizes that when this approach hits the skids, it will really hit the skids. Can’t be sustained indefinitely because it is so destructive and leading to such chaos and bad governing.


Yeah lets blame the third party candidate. :shrug:


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