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Hello…I am a young teenager that has watched movies and shows with catholics in them and I’ve read books about the faith; so i have become very intrigued with the catholic religion. I live in a veryyyyy small town that is basically all church of christ,baptist, or non- denominational. I was raised in Church of god. My mom has been church of god her whole life and my dad was raised church of christ. Right now, church of God isn’t moving me anywhere with my walk with Jesus. So, my mom bought me a book called 300 most common answers about Catholicism. This book is awesome and I’ve learned about the bible as much as I have about Catholicism. I agree with the catholic church with everything pretty much. I love the beauty of the church and especially mass. I would really like to maybe attend classes over Catholicism or maybe attend a service. BUT, with living in a small town, it is almost impossible. There is one catholic church in my town, I do not know any people in my school that are Catholic, and I’m too young to go any6where (drive) to classes. Oh and there aren’t any classes that I know of. My whole family is hard core Church of God. (One of my family members is actually a preacher). I am so intrigued by Catholicism, and I need answers. Im active in my youth group at church and I don’t know how to want to be catholic and still go to my church. Anyone’s help would be much appreciated. My mom says I will probably have to wait until college to go to a catholic church and start learning about it. But, I don’t now how to wait that long! I really appreciate anyone who took the time to read all of this. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks again, Pheeblee123.

If transportation is an issue, I can understand that. Though I am a cradle Catholic I can sympathize with the driving issue. (long story, but I have been there) This website has some amazing people who know a lot about the Church, Sacred Tradition, the Bible, and Theology. They are very good about answering questions about our faith.

Christ knows what is in your heart. If you are coming home God will understand if it takes you a little while to be able to come into full communion with the Church.

God bless you!

As there is one Catholic church in your town, I suggest that you telephone the church office during the week and ask to speak with the pastor. If he is not available, ask for an appointment to meet with him. You have characterized your community as a small town, so I will assume that the church in question is not too far from your home. Make a day time appointment and get there by bicycle. (Yes, I realize that many in your age range consider riding a bicycle to be seriously “uncool.”) Good luck, and may God bless you always.

Reb Levi

If your mom gave you a book on Catholicism, would she let you attend a mass at the Catholic Church?

If your mom was willing to buy you that book, maybe she is willing to let you take PSR classes. (If your parish offers them for high-schoolers.) You should call the parish office and find out what they have for kids your age. Then you should seek your mom’s support.

How nice that your Mom is supportive of your interest in Catholicism. Maybe she would be interest in reading the book she bought you? Who knows where the Holy Spirit will lead the both of you!;)Blessings

Thank you all so much for writing to me!! My mom is supportive. But, I’m not sure what the catholic church here in my town offers because I think it only has a few people that go to it and not sure if it has many kids my age. So i will need to get in touch with the pastor there. Thanks again and keep the support coming :slight_smile:

I too once was in your shoes Pheeblee123. I lived in a small farmer town but small as it was, it was very spread out. My nearest neighbor was a few miles away. It was that neighbor however, who changed my life.

You see, I was young and had no sort of religion in my life. We didn’t attend church at all. I had been to various Baptist and Protestant churches with fellow school friends in my town. Thinking back, I don’t recall there being a Catholic Church there…hmm.

Anyhow, I had begun to question our place in this world and contemplating a higher authority when our new neighbors moved into the area. I was catching the bus in front of the property that they had moved into.

Eventually, the mother of the boy who was to become my best friend asked him to invite me to come wait in their house for the school bus. I eventually became close to this family and one day he invited me to Church in what we considered the city (well, it is a city…but still).

They happened to be Catholic, and after attending church with them for some time, I decided that I had found my home. You see, I did some cursory study of the baptist and protestant religions, so I began to study Catholicism. I came to the conclusion that the Catholic Church is God’s true church and that it was division (or disagreements) within the Church that caused the splits into groups that would eventually come to be known as Baptist, Protestant, Lutheran, etc. Back then I figured, “why would I want to attend they other churches if the Catholic Church could claim ties going all the way back to Jesus?” So I went through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program and became Catholic. Each of my family members followed suit (my Mom, and two brothers, my Dad was an inactive Catholic). We all became active in the Catholic Church and we drove the 45 minutes every Sunday to attend Mass.

Other churches only believe what is contained within the Bible and that this is where their authority comes from alone (Sola Scriptura), that everything else is second to the Bible. These people don’t realize that for the longest time, there was no written word, that teachings and scripture where passed along via tradition, oral and otherwise. It wasn’t until much later that the Catholic Church gave the world the Bible as we know it today. It is interesting too to know that other religious organizations have altered the Bible, removing books here and there, or even changing the wording or interpreting the “translation” a little differently, to fit their particular ideology.

History (and looking at it in its proper context) can teach us many things…

It seems to me that everything brings us back to the Catholic Church. I would recommend that you read this document (contained here on the Catholic Answers website)

A really powerful conversion story is contained here:

The Conversion of Scott Hahn

A couple of other websites that might be helpful to you:

Catholics United for the Faith - Faithfacts
The Catholic Show

I would be curious to know what your impression is once you have looked over these links? I will also pray for you as you move forward in your journey.

In Christ,


You are lucky. You are times of internet, so you will get tons of information here. Besides here, you have people ready to help. I am ready to help too if you need my advice.
I wonder, cant you reach the Catholic Church by bike or whatever? You could go to Mass even if you are not Catholic. You sit in the back of the Church and just participate like anybody else, without going to communion.
If you tell me what do you want, I can give up a Program of Texts that you need to learn to become a Catholic. And in Internet you have something much better: you can go at your own rhythm.

Interesting an intriguing your story.

Thank you all so much for posting this stuff. I’m really inspired. Just one question, do you make the sign of the cross after every prayer? Sorry if this is a simple question but i was wondering. Lol. Thanks :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you!


I would ask you now to entrust your desire to be Catholic with Christ Himself and ask Him for total peace and security and to no longer be afraid.

The words Christ said over and over again, was for us not to be afraid.

You ask Him, and He will give you peace.

I don’t know why, but my girlfriend in 8th grade was compelled to study her faith underneath her covers with a flashlight…because of her brother? I don’t know. Her mother joined later and became an exemplary Catholic. My girlfriend started the radio rosary in Seattle.

To make the sign of the cross / bless yourself (like when preparing to recite the Rosary for example):

You will say, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

As you say this, touch your forehead with your right hand (I use my right index, middle, and ring-fingers to symbolize the Holy Trinity) when you say “Father.” Touch your breastbone (solar plexus) when you say “Son.” Touch your left shoulder when you say “Holy,” and touch your right shoulder when you say “Spirit.”

This is used mostly to open prayer, but can be used to close prayer too. It is also used to genuflect (kneel) towards the Tabernacle when passing by it near the altar in Church and before sitting in the pew.

Thank you :slight_smile:


How wonderful it is that you are interested in Christ’s Church. I have read through the thread, and I am curious. How far away is the Catholic Church from your home?

Hey Pheeblee,

One thing is for sure, it sounds like you have a great mother out there. Given that she is hardcore Church of God, it’s pretty awesome she has been willing to accept your interest in Catholicism and be willing to buy you books on it. It’s certainly not easy for most Pentecostal parents when their child becomes interested in another denomination, most especially Catholicism.
God bless you on your journey.

Here’s other resources that you may find helpful:

EWTN webiste. Also, you could listen to Immaculate Heart Radio (even over the internet) you could call during live programs. In particular I like Women of Grace with Johnnette Benkovic, and Father Groeschel’s program. The ultimate reponse you will find it in prayer. Best wishes during your journey home.

It came to me…there is such a thing as baptism of desire…

So your desire…as it sounds to us…has baptized you…you are already a Catholic!!!

You can join RCIA or go to a priest when you are able to enter the Church formally…

Have peace, Sister. You are already there with us. Enjoy the communion.

I read online for a few months before seeking out a parish. Good online resources are (the Catechism is there), the website (Catholic Bible is there), and sacred Sacred Space has daily prayers and contemplations that you can do anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.

Last month was a gathering of adults and youth in NYC, some video highlights are here:

You have my prayers.


Hello Phleeblee,

If the Catholic Church is far away and you are unable to drive at the moment, I suggest you listen to your mother and wait until you go to college to find a Catholic Church because remember one of the Lords Ten Commandments is to honor thy Farther and Mother.

However, you can Pray the Most Holy Rosary, and if you don’t know how, you can find how to pray the Rosary online, also you can read the life of the saints, read about the early Church Fathers, etc…

Always remember this it is Jesus Christ calling you to the Catholic Church His Only Church founded over 2000 years ago. How Blessed you are that you are hearing His Calling.

Ufam Tobie

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