Despite Bishop's Objection, Seton Hall to Pursue Gay 'Marriage' Course

By Kathleen GilbertSOUTH ORANGE, New Jersey, August 30, 2010 ( - Seton Hall University, a Catholic institution of higher education, has not backed down from plans to offer a course on gay “marriage” taught by a homosexual activist professor, it has been…

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Man…Bishop Myers…hmmm. I’m not going to go there.

Here’s a link to a news article.

Tell me again why parents pay for their kids to go to “Catholic” universities.

Here is a link which gives the complete text of the Archbishop’s statement.

There are good ones out there:

Franciscan University of Steubenville
Ave Maria
John Paul the Great
University of Dallas

Those are just off the top of my head.

I agree that there are good ones. But anecdotal evidence such as this seems to show that in many Catholic universities, the professors and administration have mostly adopted the principles of the secular culture in place of the Catholic Church. That wouldn’t be worth paying extra just to see the name “Catholic” attached to a university where students may be more likely to lose their Faith than in a secular university.

It then falls to the parents to research the institutions of higher learning, and limit theor choices to those that are truly Catholic.

True, provided the parents elect to pay for their child’s college at all! They might decide to recommend a stint in the USMC, which can provide a pretty good moral formation of its own; following which the GI bill will pay for college!

and this will get worse as more gays are being accepted in Catholic institutions, Church and schools. what do you expect would happen? have we not lost our discernment?

it seems very easy for anyone to make their way into the Catholic institutions. anyone. have we not lost our discernment?

You forgot Christiandom College

I have no problem with homosexuals being accepted in Catholic institutions. What I have a problem with is the teaching of the homosexual lifestyle at a Catholic institution with open arms. There is a difference that needs to be distinguished here.

well if you have no problem with them entering the CC institutions, then you should not have a problem to what they are advocating for. what do you think they are going to do?

why do you think they choose to be in the CC institutions? you dont think they know that is the CC that stands on their way to be what they want to be? have we not lost our discernment?

link to human rights movements. homosexuals invading the Church institutions and human rights movements. a very convenient pair. what do you think this is going to the Church?

I didn’t so much as “forget” as it just didn’t dome to mind when I was rattling them off. It was not meant to be a comprehensive list.

A comprehensive list of “Catholic” universities that are loyal to the Magisterium wouldn’t take that long to rattle off.

I understand the purpose of academic freedom and the need to explore issues on a college level that are controversial. However, this Mott character is a homosexual activist that has already been disciplined for dissent in this area. If there was such a class, it would have to be taught be someone whose moral character was higher and had shown a was a faithful son of the Church.

Ultimately, since schools do not answer to bishop, parents must make it clear that they will not support sending monies to such places that sport the name Catholic while denying Catholicism.

If this was a Catholic University in more than name, this Mott would have already been dismissed.

The point is I was doing it off the top of my head. Any particular reason for the criticism? Is it because I failed to mention your personal favorite?

No, not even criticism. Sorry you are seeing it that way.

Good point.

In the interest of “fairness,” they should have a corresponding class by a heterosexual Orthodox Catholic male explaining calmly and rationally Church teaching and its stand on Homosexuality.Of course, that will not happen, but it would be the “right” thing to do.

Ultimately this is an attempt by the Academia of a particular Catholic University to be “relevant” and “with the times.” :rolleyes:

Even better would be an orthodox homosexual living a chaste life as to show the reasonableness of the Church’s position.

Good idea, that one. Should have thought of myself…:thumbsup:

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