Despite utter lack of evidence, Christians are among those responsible for gay suicides

I thought this was too insane to be real, but the link to the bill’s text is in the article.

And this completely subjective and prejudicial statement from the bill’s text:

“The stigma associated with being LGBT LGBTQ often created by groups in society, including therapists and religious groups, has caused disproportionately high rates of suicide, attempted suicide, depression, rejection, and isolation amongst LGBT LGBTQ and questioning individuals”

The link between abuse and stigmatization of LGBTQ people is well documented. And certain groups are demonstratively more harsh with LGBTQ people and identity. And, really. This isn’t about you. (Christians) The bill included religious groups. Nobody was pointing fingers at Christians in particular.


The suicide rate for these people is also exceptionally high in countries like the Netherlands, which are about as welcoming and “affirming” as humanly possible.
And yes, the resolution scapegoats Christian churches in general, not individuals. Do any Catholics here find that, somehow, reassuring?


Anyone remember just a few years ago when the rhetoric was about acceptance and equality, and Christians would of course be free to practice their faith?
Does anyone really believe it’s going to stop here, with a “resolution?”


From the article: “ More recently, a 2016 Swedish study shows that the rate of gay males suffering from lifetime suicidal ideation there is 140 percent greater. The same measure for women there is 110 percent higher than the general population. Bisexuals are curiously even higher, with females 250 percent more likely and bisexual men 160 percent.”
Imagine that—Sweden. One of the most secularized and gay-friendly societies on earth!

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California passed a resolution so what does that actually mean. There are a great number of churches in California, will this affect them?

It’s a “resolution.” It’s not a law. Not yet.

I’d like to hear from more Catholics here, actually. Especially those who believe Church teachings in this area, and / or don’t have the ostrich syndrome.

I read bill and it seems to bring up conversion therapy.

I agree that it is like faucet trickling until you notice it flooded the floor. Just another way to put Christian churches in their place, unable to speak out.

Drip, drip, drip.

Off topic. This thread is not about CAF or posts and posters on other threads or forums.

Ummm. Anyone that listens to catholic media comes across this topic often. Here is how it has been spoken of for a few years already.

The last battle will be against the family and our Blessed Mother.

Against the family we have all of the LGBTQ agenda which promotes anything but the family.

Against our Blessed Mother is the so called feminist movement that promotes women with no kids and no marriage.

Pray the Rosary, it is our weapon of choice against this enemy.

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We have to keep reminding everyone that correlation does not equal causation. There may be many reasons why LGBT teens are at a higher risk for suicide. Perhaps moral dissonance leads to depression. Perhaps depressed teens are more inclined to be convicted they are LGBT.


I wonder if rhetoric the makes gay people the enemy might have something to do with it…


Perhaps it’s the fact that God’s natural law is written on every human heart and ultimately some simply can’t tolerate living the lie that homosexual activity is either natural or good. Sad that they choose suicide over repentance and conversion to Christ. He is always waiting with open arms, right up to the very last moment.

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Religious groups is somewhat nebulous and it could just be some fringe people that go overboard.

We’ll know if they start trying to muzzle Catholics and Catholic educators.

I’m willing to fight for the Catholic truth about these things as expressed so beautifully by Pope Saint John Paul II.

Rates of suicide are increasing in our society across all the demographics.

Classical Christian moral teachings get blamed for all sorts of stuff.

If you go back in time a few decades, there’s lots of movies and novels and serious non fiction books with the premise that if only people were free to have premarital sex, to divorce and remarry, to live together without marriage, to have abortions, to (fill in the blank), then sad things would never happen and people would all live in a happy slappy utopia forever without those mean and pesky Christians getting in the way of everybody’s fun and fulfillment.

Okay. Fine. We have that society now.

Rates of anxiety and depression and addiction and suicide are going up anyway


Our hearts are restless until they rest in Him.


First of all, not every place in the Netherlands is welcoming and affirming of LGBT people. It’s not all that different from a place like California which has some very blue cities which are nevertheless surrounded by bright red rural areas that are much more conservative.

And the text you quoted didn’t specifically mention Christians. I have gay friends who are American born Muslims and it is just as difficult for LGBT people to grow up in a conservative Muslim family as it is to grow up in a conservative Christian family. Gay people I know who come from traditional Chinese or Japanese families also often have a difficult time.

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Homosexual teens might not even be sexually active. They can become depressed due to feeling different, unaccepted, shunned and alone.

They can’t control their attractions.

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