Destination of abortion victims


Cannot God Himself baptize anyone he wants, in any manner He chooses?

As other commenters have pointed out, Thomas Aquinas mentioned that Christ baptized John the Baptist in his mother’s womb when Mary visited Elizabeth. John was conceived with original sin, but was born without it.


If you believe God to be a just God, you cannot possibly believe he would do something bad to unborn children that he himself created. No one here would have the gall to accuse God of being unjust, so therefore we must believe him to be the opposite, and therefore, he would not punish someone who had no choice in their situation and had done nothing wrong. Aborted children return to the Divine.


I believe that the millions of miscarriages - known and unknown - are in the same category, as far as what action God takes. It is not for us to even guess.


i really wouldn’t worry about it

God is going to take care of the innocent unborn; one way or the other


That’s essentially the teaching of the Catholic Church. We would phrase it as “we don’t have any explicit revelation from God regarding this particular question, but we entrust the souls of unbaptized babies to their loving Creator,” but that’s essentially the gist of what you’ve presented…!


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