Destroying pirated cds


Hi. Due to my recent topic about windows, I recalled about some pirated cds. I have scratched them with a knife and draw randomly with black pen. Are they disabled? Or should I also throw them out to bin?


Throw them in the recycling bin.


But they should be recycled dont they?


I used to pirate stuff in the past too. Bought most of the stuff back from companies in terms of video games that i used to pirate as a kid. The games are still pretty good!

I mean gotta support the creators that way


If it’s plastic throw it in the recycling bin.

It’s better for the environment and since you have made the disk unreadable it doesn’t matter.

What are you going to do with recked CDRs anyways other then recycle them?


I mean in which container should I put it.


The blue recycling bin for paper and plastics.


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