Details emerge about raid of Chesapeake massage parlors


Good job! Cleaning up the area, one den of iniquity at a time.


It took them hundreds of hours to figure out massage parlors generally only cater to male customers? LOL I think most people have known the truth about massage parlors for many years now!


more likely someone was behind on their payments ;).


I am certainly glad they got rid of this disgusting place.


Hundreds of hours of surveillance and several trips by undercover agents to sample the wares all for what is a misdemeanor?

They seized cellphones, computers, tablets, paperwork, U.S and foreign currency, banking information, a video recording device and surveillance DVR from the businesses, search warrants show.

OK, now it makes sense.


I’m glad to see this story has a happy ending.


Well played…


A genuine massage (nonsexual) is totally legal . What they needed to do was get solid evidence on money laundering, prostitution, drugs. These scabs are criminals, but not neccessarily stupid. Now lets see the courts make it stick!


Some of the women working there may well have been victims of human trafficking–I read and posted an article about this last week. Now that the people there have been arrested, we may well hear that some were forced into this: note that they never left the premises.


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