Details on the Vatican I council

Does anyone know where one can read the details of the Vatican I council? I don’t mean the official documents, but the actual background goings-on, discussions at the council, etc. The minutes, if you will.


I just googled it and looked at the Wipipedia listing for it. Tons of links etc.

I know there is a three volume set of Council Daybooks for the Second Vatican Council. Those books go day by day with the minutes of who is speaking and what is going on. I’m not sure if something similar exists for the First Vatican Council. I have never come across it. If it did, I would be surprised to find an English translation of it.

Here is an old book on this subject.

Good find!

Here’s the official relatio on the section of Pastor Aeternus dealing with infallibility (a relatio is an explanation given to the voting bishops which also answersvarious arguments made on the Council floor).

Here is a good article which summarizes and quotes from the debates and relatio on the part of Pastor Aeternus dealing with the Pope’s jurisdiction:

I use The Vatican Council 1869-1870 . I have seen it being quoted several times and so, it seems authoritative.

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