Detective movies


Is it a sin to watch detective movies (because of all murders, violence, etc there)?


No. There is a lot of murder and violence (and much more!) in the Bible too.


Nope. Neither is reading detective/mystery novels & short stories. I love them. :smiley:


No, unless you’re rooting for the bad guy or using it as a primer for doing harm. :wink:


I’ve read about people in prison watching documentaries & police fiction for “educational” purposes. They might be disappointed, though, when cars don’t blow up when they are hit by bullets. :wink:


Actually, many were written by good, solid people of faith such as Agatha Christie, G. K. Chesterton, and Msgr. Ronald Knox, to name a few. They’re most often a source of morality/warnings about the depths to which fallen human nature sans the grace of God can fall. Better to read a good detective novel than to plot murder against another for real. :wink: I would avoid those that glorify bad moral behavior, though. There’s a big difference between a well-constructed murder mystery and a mere pot boiler. The latter should be avoided, IMHO.


No, detective movies are not sinful. If they were, it would also be sinful to be a detective (which means bringing a criminal to justice would be sinful, and lend credence to Nietzsche’s belief that Christianity fosters a “victim mentality”).

The gritty stuff featured in the detective genre is, more or less, the world we live in.

One of my favorite video games, L.A. Noire, is a detective game set in 1947 Los Angeles. You have to investigate a series of murders, which involve inspecting the dead, sometimes naked bodies of women at the crime scene. That would only be sinful if seeing a bludgeoned corpse turns you on (I doubt the OP is that messed up in the head).


NO. The only movies we are forbidden to watch are pornographic movies.


Back in the 1950’s “The Moon is Blue” & other movies that showed divorce were forbidden by the Catholic Church. No porn then.

That’s why I watch TCM, old movies. :thumbsup:


I like old movies, too, and one of the reasons I do is that censorship meant filmmakers and script writers had to be more creative getting an idea across to an audience. It was left up to the imagination what did/didn’t happen in sexual matters, for instance. Sex wasn’t shoved in your face like it is now. Some of these modern filmmakers act like a 12 year old writing dirty words on bathroom walls thinking himself so original. :rolleyes: I can’t watch most of the dreck that Hollywood puts out these days, although it is getting somewhat better because they are finally realizing that the big bucks is in family films and PG13 rated ones not in “R” rated ones. The detective film has all but died out because Hollywood no longer knows how to make a film about hard topics without getting overly graphic. It’s really too bad, IMHO.


I totally agree, Della. :thumbsup:

After reading a review on new movies, there are very few I will go see or rent, because I don’t want to be subjected to the filth & senseless violence. Even comedy TV programs & series are disgusting and not at all uplifting or interesting.


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