Detective testifies Montana homeowner deliberately shot student to death


Missoula police Detective Guy Baker testified yesterday that Markus Kaarma, the Montana homeowner who killed German exchange student Diren Dede in his garage, repositioned himself to aim a fatal shot at the teenager.

Evidence from the scene indicated Dede was wounded by a shotgun blast to the arm and moved from one side of the garage to the other, taking cover behind a Buick with hunting equipment on top… .

Baker testified in the week-old trial Kaarma could not have shot and struck Dede over that obstacle, and that he repositioned himself to deliver the fatal blast to Dede’s head.

The case is expected to test Montana’s version of the “Castle Doctrine,” which allows deadly force against a home invasion if someone reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent an assault.

More on this case here and here.


I remember as said, this involved that German exchange student, very sad.


There were previous burglaries at this house. Why was the German exchange student in the garage of the homeowner?


From an article about this from May.

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