Detectives re-open Natalie Wood death investigation

LOS ANGELES – A yacht captain said on national TV Friday that he lied to investigators about Natalie Wood’s mysterious death 30 years ago and blames the actress’ husband at the time, Robert Wagner, for her drowning in the ocean off Southern California.

This is great news! :extrahappy: I am so happy to read this as I was never convinced her death was an accident. Just last month, I made a comment to some people and they asked me why I said what I said and I told them that I did not think her death was an accident and it’s too bad it was left like that. Of course, the people I said this to found my comment unfounded (they were not alive when it happened) and voila! This is good news. She was one of my favorite actresses. Let justice be served. :clapping: Thirty years is a long time to wait…

natalie wood was one of my favorite actresses while i was growing up too. i always found her death suspicious. i am not sure how much can be learned after this amount of time,
but i am glad they are willing to reopen the investigation. if there was foul play, i would like to see the person held accountable. she was still so young and always so beautiful.

I am so happy about this that I, well, I think I feel pretty. :slight_smile:

You have no idea. Thirty years. All the time I saw that man, I just changed the channel. I could see through his skin. Actually, that is what happened, I think in September, there was a new show on tv and i think he was the star. Anyhow, there he was sitting on an armchair being comical, I guess, and my children were watching the show. I asked them to please change the channel as I could not stand to see that man. I told them why and they just could not really understand, it was before their time.

This is soooo good. **It’s good for the land to have justice be served. **He should not have been allowed to go on with his career. It was just very wrong that he went on just like everyone else. It’s true, justice is good and people’s lives need to be respected. There is something really wrong when this does not happen.

Here is a copy of the document submitted to the authorities requesting the case to be re-openned. It is very telling:

I remember back in '81 it was reported that they found a lot of paint from the yacht under her nails. She struggled for her life and no one helped her. May she rest in peace.

P.s. Some years ago, my priest was murdered. I was at the airport ready to board an airplane and decided to buy the newspaper and there it was - my priest had just been murdered the night before. I could not believe. It was surreal. I had just spoken with him a couple of days before. A holy man of God - “All that matters is that God is our Father”. A disturbed man who had just murdered a woman wanted to steal the priest’s car to get away and killed my priest. :frowning: Well, the sister of the priest, when the murderer was captured, requested the prisoner do not kill him. Famous last words, the murderer died a horrible death in prison - even the prison guards were involved. I wondered why prisoners do that and it is that they do not want a priest murderer in with them nor on the land. They are thought to be a curse or something and to have killed a priest is too much.

Well, I think it is a bit like a curse when a murderer is not punished within the legal system. People should not commit horrible crimes and just continue on in society unpunished. That’s not good.

Mr. Yacht Captain is trying to sell a book. Ms. Wood’s death was investigated by the LA Coroner’s office at the time and no signs of foul play were found. Let her rest in peace.

I prefer Natalie Wood’s version of Miracle on 34th street… She was so perfect as Susan Walker.

I also think they should let this rest… Unless they can actually prove, 30 years later, that she was murdered…they need to let it go.

it will be very hard to prove anything after so many years. i am not sure as to the character of this captain. why has he held this information to himself for so many years?
christopher walken has been silent for many years also. were they all hiding a secret - the truth about what happened that night? i don’t see a problem in reopening the investigation. a look with a new set of eyes, will not hurt. natalie deserves no less.

Oh, sure. Whenever something bad happens to a woman, some man is at fault.

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