Deters: 'This is off-the-charts weird' (Warning: Yucky)

Prosecutor certain convict abused more than three corpses

On many nights over 16 years, Kenneth Douglas engaged in his own personal macabre workplace party. He often brought drugs or alcohol to work and sometimes had sex with women.

At least three of those women were dead, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said Thursday.

But if Douglas is to be believed, he could have had sex with as many as “over a hundred” bodies in the 16 years he worked as night attendant at the Hamilton County morgue.


this fellow is seriously sick & sinful (disgusting), a man in need of serious psychological counseling – as well as a tiny, private cell-- for the rest of his life, even if he repents-- pray for him!!!

Oh dear… Wow. You have to wonder what drives a man to do things like that. :frowning:

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