Detraction - Fears of mortal sin

Hi everyone. I am afraid that I committed the sin of detraction but I am not completely sure. I am afraid I committed a mortal sin. I was talking with some friends of mine and they brought up a neighbor. I mentioned that he is mentally ill. I didn’t really think but maybe for a second before I spoke. I now realize that what I said may be harmful to his reputation and I feel really bad about it. I did not intend to say anything that would harm his reputation. Did I commit a mortal sin? I am leaning towards no but I don’t know for sure.

Hey everyone. I called a priest friend that I know. I couldn’t get a hold of Fr. Ray, my spiritual director. I explained the situation to him and he asked me a couple of questions. I explained to him that I told my neighbors he has mental illness because I was trying to explain why he acts the way he does. I was trying to do a kind thing, to promote understand. Fr. Ron told me that I did not commit a sin. Praise God!

Another question put to rest by a priest and not random people on the internet : )

Yeah. :slight_smile: I wasn’t going to ask on the internet but I couldn’t get a hold of any priest. Finally I got a hold of one.

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