Detraction or Calumny?

My wife was talking about getting her hair cut, so I suggested that she try a different salon. I told her that I thought the person who cut her hair previously didn’t layer it very well. I added that I thought I could’ve done a better job of cutting her hair as I had trimmed both my wife and daughter’s hair in the past.
Was this a sin of detraction? Can a person criticize or give an opinion on a public business or service like a salon, car dealer or grocery store without risk of commiting a sin?

:confused: DKN

You are exercising your free will of discernment.:wink: No, I mean really, we are not robots. There are different establishments that render different services. If I am at a restaurant and I comment that the service was lacking I am merely making an observation and commenting on it as such. You observed that your wife’s hair was not what might have been anticipated and you voiced your observation. That’s it. Now if you go and tell all the neighbors not to go to so and so then you are boardering on gossip. Let them form their own opinion unless an action is dangerous to one’s wellbeing…teachccd :slight_smile:

By criticizing the workmanship, one is not attacking the character of the person, but rather his level of skill. Now if you said the hairdresser was obviously crooked and taking money under false pretensions that might be entirely different.:slight_smile:

Well now you could if your hair came out looking like this…:tada:

Thank you for your response and insight. I am a very scrupulous person and sometimes my sensitive conscience torments me.

Peace Be With You,

You did not do anything wrong.

Yes, I do that at times, as well…God Bless you…teachccd :slight_smile:

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