I mentioned to my husband that the President said “God bless Planned Parenthood” and that was a diabolical thing to say. Was this considered detraction?

From what you say, it sounds to me like you didn’t judge the person but what he did. And he was the one who made what he did public. I think you just told the truth. Considering that Planned Parenthood prides itself on killing babies, what he did was very scandalous.

Detraction is the unjust damaging of another’s good name by the revelation of some fault or crime of which that other is really guilty or at any rate is seriously believed to be guilty by the defamer.

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The president’s remarks were public statements. It can’t be wrong to discuss them, especially how immoral or destructive they are.

No - I don’t think telling the truth about our elected officials is detraction. People have a right to know who we are dealing with.

It is extremely offensive to think that someone would ask God to bless an organization responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent lives.


Abortion in the U.S. alone has killed more babies than the population of California. Probably Hitler, Stalin, and the nuclear attacks on Japan combined didn’t kill as many people. But the state chooses to ignore that evil which cries out to God for vengeance and instead wants people to congratulate them for saving a few convicted murderers from the death penalty. :frowning:

The definition of detraction requires that the person you are telling would not otherwise know the fault and that there is no objectively valid reason for you to tell it. The President’s comments are made publically, so there is no reasonable expectation that you revealed any fault or failing of the President that your husband would not otherwise know. You also have an objectively valid reason, because the President is suipposed to be leading the country in the diretion which we want it to go…part of the responsibility he has accepted comes with public scrutiny of his actions/words/etc… (see CCC 2477)

Not detraction. :wink:

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