Detroit doctor charged with female genital mutilation of seven-year-olds

U.S. authorities have charged a Detroit doctor with performing genital mutilation on 7-year-old girls in what is believed to be the first case brought under a law prohibiting the procedure.

Jumana Nagarwala, an emergency room physician at a Detroit hospital who performed the procedures at an unnamed medical clinic in the Detroit suburb of Livonia, was scheduled to appear in federal court on Thursday, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Female genital mutilation constitutes a particularly brutal form of violence against women and girls,” acting U.S. Attorney in Detroit Daniel Lemisch said in a statement. “The practice has no place in modern society and those who perform FGM on minors will be held accountable under federal law.”

Female genital mutilation, or FGM, typically involves the partial or total removal of the clitoris and is barred by numerous international treaties. The practice is common in several African countries, including Somalia, Sudan and Egypt, where it is often a cultural or religious tradition.


Used to live in Livonia and have relatives in the next town over. Livonia is only a few miles from Dearborn and Dearbornl, I believe, has the greatest concentration of Muslims of any city in America. This could be an interesting story to follow as FGM is widespread in areas of Africa where Muslim/Islam is widespread. Not to cast any aspersions, but with heavily Muslim communities in Europe and even here in America, pushing for Sharia law where they are in the majority, could there be a link? Just wondering and it will be interesting to see if this story leads to more, or if it gets buried on the back pages.:hmmm:

My bet is buried deep in the back pages if mentioned at all.

Glad they have charged him. How long has he been doing this?

*her *she

The physician is female? Glad she was charged. How long has she been performing
these procedures.

I can’t believe a female would do this. I’ve heard of this, and I’m horrified by it. No woman or girl child deserves to be mutilated. Sick.

In many of the cultures in which FGM is practiced, a woman performs the procedure.

Is she from that world area?

It’s my understanding that there is no expectation of FGM in Sharia law and that it is not considered a requirement in any Islamic text. Males are required to be circumcised, but not females. It seems that the practice is prevalent in northern Africa and is practiced by people of different faiths, including Christians.

Yes, there is a link.

But expect the left and 3rd wave feminists to either not comment or to bury the story.

The only thing surprising about this is that news on this broke in America before it did in Europe, where I would bet real money FGM is also going on.

FGM is FAR more prevalent with Muslims than with any other group.

very few Christians if at all

True, but it is prevalent within a subset of Muslims. Muslims from the sub-continent find it quite odd and bizarre themselves. It is rooted in pre-Muslim cultures and was practiced long before Islam arrived on the scene, it then got carried over into Islam and a number of other faiths.

As pointed out it is normally women who do the actual procedure and women in the UK have been charge with forcibly making younger relatives like nieces and granddaughters go back to their home country to have it done. Often it is done in those situations using minimal hygiene or training and can be carried out by methods which cause major infections and huge ongoing complications for women in later life.

One of it’s strongest opponents in Britain politically who has spoken out about it consistently is a Muslim peer who considers it an idiotic practice which has nothing to do with Islam and which is cruel and barbaric.

Good but what about the family member that took the girl to her to have it done?

It may have originated in Northern Africa but it was via Islam that the practice has spread.

Otherwise this practice wouldn’t be found in Indonesia and Malaysia which is farther away from Northern Africa than the Middle East.

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton was the one who brought the knowledge of this practice to the west in the 19th century. It is a cultural thing. In these cultures, the greatest shame that can be brought on a man is to have his wife cheat on him. As the clitoris is seen as the “pleasure spot” for women, the savage practice of removing it was seen as the best way of removing the pleasure from the act for the woman and she wouldn’t seek satisfaction elsewhere. Keep in mind that there is no belief in equality in these cultures. The male is dominant and the woman is for his pleasure, not the other way around. Captain Burton also wrote about another form of forced chastity by having the vaginal opening of the women sewed up while the man was away to prevent her from having sex in his absence. Captain Burton’s thoughts and opinions about African people are considered racist today but he saw the brutality and horror first hand.

Thats what I was wondering too…if there is a demand for this, it will just go elsewhere now that this doc is gone.

Sad but true. Those poor sweet, innocent young girls. With their lives irrevocably changed. It’s terrifying.

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