Detroit family caught in Iraq travel ban, mom dies waiting to come home


For the most part, I avoid political talk. I was in a waiting room, today, when this news story came on.

This man has decided that his mother died because of the flying ban. If not for the ban, his mother would still be alive, which is just ridiculous. If she didn’t last 24 hours after she was told she could not fly, what proof does he have that she could survive the 18 hour plane ride? Of course, the article is incomplete as it does not say what she died of. What could America have done to save this woman that the fine hospitals of Iraq could not provide?

Stories like this, do nothing more than cause trouble.


The media has a mission, which is to destroy Trump, hence the hysteria and orchestrated efforts to discredit everything single thing he says and does. It’ll be like this every day.

They never sensationalized the Cuban refugee ban Obama put out before leaving office, did they?


Yeah, I don’t agree with the way the ban was carried out ( I think it was too sudden and they should have just stopped issuing visas instead of holding people at the airport, etc), but you can’t just recount sob stories as arguments. There will be sad stories no matter what. My husband is pretty liberal and even he thinks the media is overreacting.


Media is never really neutral. That’s a strong statement but one that is close to the truth.

Sensationalism profits them. However this is not the same as all journalists as not being professional.

Media can be a tool for furthering agendas and depend on their political leaning, they would just do that. It is quite easy to pick their reports to illustrate that either from the omission or exegerration of their news.


We determine causes of death through proper authorities and autopsies.

That’s all I’m going to say for now, but this kind of talk is what folks like Ann Coulter feast on.


If the lady was so near death, what was she doing making a 7,000 mile journey?

While not a fan of our current administration, enough is enough!!!

The election is over!!! Let’s all get back to working off our Purgatory!!!





Although I am largely happy with Mr. Trumps executive actions so far (not so much his unnecessary tweets), I think he brings his own set of problems. That said, the media and the (radical) left in general is proving his point and that of many conservatives.

They have an ideology which no longer includes “dialog” or fairness in dealing with the other side. They wish to shout and shut us down. They won’t even respect rule of law if it means that they lose. And I think this is opening many eyes. Especially to those honest leftists who have been fooled by the dishonest rhetoric.

They wish to de-legitimize Trump because he’s so bad for them. If Mr. Trump is genuinely that bad, let him de-legitimize himself. Instead, it is the media and the left which are de-legitimizing themselves. But to them, the right and all conservatism has been de-legitimized. We wind up in a situation where we can no longer talk with each other.

Although, I think conservatives are also at fault, I think the majority of fault lies with the radical left which has imposed itself. But the country didn’t get here because of Mr. Trump- we’ve been pulling in different directions for a long time now. Perhaps peacefully separating would be the best solution- but that’s won’t happen. This seems to be a winner-takes-all to-the-death contest.

This is why I think that it’s very important that we Catholics and other Christians do our best to re-evangelize the world, in spite of all the nonsense going on in the Church today.

  • we’ve been pulling in different directions for a long time now. Perhaps peacefully separating would be the best solution- but that’s won’t happen.

Not even worth dreaming about. That would only convert verbal and political conflict into economic and ultimately military conflict.

The days when flags and visas served any useful purpose (beyond generating conflict) are over.



Reasonable people who recognize that they are headed in opposite directions have no trouble peacefully going their own ways. The problem is that we are not reasonable people.

I would have no desire to “take over” or force others to accept and adopt my ideology if they decided to separate. And yet, there are many people who want to force me to vehemently support very twisted and anti-human and anti-God ideologies. Ultimately, I believe that things like abortion and “gay marriage” should be up to the states.

So you don’t believe in nations?


Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama also had similar travel bans. Yet there was not one word of complaint from the media. No crowds of protesters either.

Literally, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE died horrible violent deaths in Laos and Cambodia.

Total silence.


Obama did not ban Cuban refugees.


What Obama did was require a Visa for Cubans to come here. We had no diplomatic relations for many years, so it wasn’t possible to obtain a Visa.

I read this morning that this EO includes a travel ban from the seven countries, a 120 day halt on all refugees (meaning from all locations) and an indefinite ban on Syrian Refugees.


Technically no, he ended the wet-foot/dry-foot policy. And technically, Trump did not ban anyone - he ordered a moratorium on refugees from seven countries.

If you want to play semantic games, go ahead, but people who object to turning away refugees would fairly and honestly be upset at both. Instead, they aren’t.

The whole argument is inconsistent anyway.

  1. Many object that this is a Muslim ban.

2)The same people object that we targeted the wrong countries, pointing to Saudi Arabia (even though we targeted countries known for training terrorists, not giving birth to them, but never mind that little detail).

If you make a point of number 2, the implication is you don’t really object to what you call a Muslim ban, it just has to be the “correct” Muslims. Anyone who objects to what they erroneously call a Muslim ban (number 1) wouldn’t even bring up number 2 as it undermines their point.


It is of note that the man in question is a US citizen who went back to Iraq during war to work for the U.S. Special Forces as an adviser and interpreter. His mother had a green card. Because of the keystone cop roll out of the ban, there was confusion over what to do about with people with green card. Thankfully the bad news helped led the administration to realize the problem; it has altered and clarified procedures to allow entry for green card holders. Sadly, too late for the mother of this man who put himself in harms way for the US.

We don’t know much about her health at the time. However the idea that she dies prematurely after the stress of this situation cannot be fairly dismissed as “ridiculous”.

A tragic thing happened in the aftermath of poor implementation of questionable policy - the urgency and scope of which was ginned up, ironically, by demagogues who trumped up bad news stories. Own it.


That is correct.

I do not want to play semantic games.

I do want to point out the arguments about the same people who say X also say Y, should include the identification those same people.


Sorry, Mr. President: The Obama Administration Did Nothing Similar to Your Immigration Ban


I am not sure of your point in bringing this up. Or why you think that was met with silence?


The compassion in this thread from the Trumpolics is telling.



Please charitably discuss the news, not each other.

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