Detroit man pummeled for helping child he hit with truck


Terrible accident, he does the right thing and stops, and this is what he gets in return… what has our society become?

First and foremost, I pray Mr Utash makes a full recovery. Secondly, I pray that the individuals who did this to him are caught and punished to the full extent of the law.


The headline (and consequently, the thread title) are incorrect. Mr. Utash was not beaten because he helped the child. He was beaten because his vehicle hit the child after the child (apparently carelessly) stepped into the street, and then “did the right thing” by stopping and getting out to help.

There are some things about this story that the news media are not telling us.


What are things the media aren’t telling us?


White guy, black crowd. Racism is alive in America. It’s not always safe to get out. If the crowd seems malevolent, drive a safe distance away and telephone 911. You will not get charged with leaving the scene if you had to do it for safety, and you did wait for the police, again at a safe distance from an unruly crowd.


I have no words, other than I learned about this type of thing after moving to the DC area…happens a lot in both Southeast DC and Baltimore. Gregory Kane, a columnist for the Examiner (not the tabloid) would address an issue like this every week. I don’t have a answer and this type of event will suck the last ounce of optimism from anyone.


I would not be surprised if the child was actually told to run out in front of the car, though not with the intention of him getting hit. This is a common strategy of theft, sadly – to make a person stop his car and then have a number of people assault him and steal his stuff. Something similar happened to my brother.


This. In some, perhaps in many cases, white-on-black violence becomes the lead story, while black-on-white violence gets swept under the rug.


It’s not racism. White guys are more likely to be carrying more valuables, and less likely to be carrying guns. They are easy targets.

It has absolutely nothing to do with prejudice, and everything to do with economics.


From reading the article about the incident itself linked in the OP, it seems that the crowd returned to the beating three times, *and stole all his money and credit cards. *

I used to live in DC and we were warned about this “scam”: someone would walk in front of the car and hit it to make it seem the driver had hit the pedestrian, and when the driver got out, he or she would be robbed.

This situation is very sad.


I’m not understanding your full post. You are correct when you say it isn’t prejudice. Crime does go up because of economics.

To see a white guy and think he is more affluent because he is white (per your post) isn’t economics, it’s racial profiling.


First you stereotype white people in 3 ways, and then claim the attacks have nothing to do with prejudice. Stereotyping is part and parcel to racism, so if they are choosing victims because of these stereotypes they are being racist.


It’s difficult to explain my meaning, but it’s sort of like I would be considered being racist from the other direction, that is, it seems typically that low-life blacks from some neighborhoods tend to gang up on white victims …
there was a school bus incident not long ago for another example.

Am I being racist for just telling it like it is?



This is why I have two loaded and chambered guns within reach while driving.


I think racism is alive and well in this country and it goes both ways but using the word “low-life” to describe any group of people is uncalled for.


I find it hard to believe that an educated person in the 21st-century United States would seriously say something like that.


I have never heard of this before. What an eye opener…


Wow. It’s astounding, how evil people can be.

I guess the best thing is simply never to have any kind of contact with those areas of the city.


I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole and I’m in Wonderland. Are you serious? :confused:

Look, I live in Detroit. In Detroit, it is not “stereotyping” when you guess that white people will be more defenseless or have more money on them. It’s statistically true. Criminals aren’t stupid, and they’re not about to risk their lives on stealing a wallet from a person who is dangerous. Mind you, they would also assume that older black men driving nice vehicles were fair game, too.

I consider “racism” to be some kind of animus against people because of their race. Under that definition, this is not racism.

Well, I think profiling is basically just economics. Profiling based on correct statistics is rational. It may not be right, but it’s rational.


I drive city streets all the time, and this hasn’t happened to me. So I wouldn’t be too worried. And when decent people avoid an area, that just makes it more and more dangerous.

I’m not saying go out of your way to drive through dangerous areas, but I also think we shouldn’t be too zealous about avoiding them.


I’m guessing I know more black city kids than you do, so I’m also guessing I’m better informed about their prejudices. Some of them are motivated by racism some of the time, but it’s not all that prevalent. :shrug:

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