Detroit prayer event puts Muslim community on edge

An area with one of the largest Muslim communities in the United States is bracing itself for a 24-hour prayer rally by a group that counts Islam among the ills facing the nation.

The gathering in Detroit at Ford Field, the stadium where the Detroit Lions play, starts Friday evening and is designed to tackle issues such as the economy, racial strife, same-sex relationships and abortion. But the decade-old organization known as TheCall has said Detroit is a “microcosm of our national crisis” in all areas, including “the rising tide of the Islamic movement.”

Leaders of TheCall believe a satanic spirit is shaping all parts of U.S. society, and it must be challenged through intensive Christian prayer and fasting. Such a demonic spirit has taken hold of specific areas, Detroit among them, organizers say. In the months ahead of their rallies, teams of local organizers often travel their communities performing a ritual called “divorcing Baal,” the name of a demon spirit, to drive out the devil from each location.

As with many other Christian groups, TheCall and its adherents believe Jesus is the only path to salvation. While they consider all other religions false, they have a specific focus on Islam, largely in response to the Sept. 11 attacks, terrorism overseas and fear that Islam, which is also a proselytizing faith, will spread faster than Christianity.

I’m not at all familiar with this group. However, if what is reported here is true, I can’t blame the Muslim community for being on edge. Even if this is a prayer event, it may stir others to more aggressive or violent action. First their target may be Muslims, next Jews and Catholics, followed by mainstream Protestants. Regardless of whether they are or are not a hate group, I don’t like the idea of their singling out a whole faith as a scapegoat for the ills of society.

Muslims do a fine job of stirring others to be aggresive toward them without anyone’s help. Yet, there has been remarkably little violence toward Muslims in America given recent world events. The Coptic Christians in Egypt, for example, have suffered far more violence in a few months at the hands of their neighbor Muslims than American Muslims have suffered, in the years since 9/11, at the hands of non-Muslim Americans.

Your concern has no basis in fact, but continue to assume the fetal position with regard to the spread of Islam throughout the world at the expense of more tolerant faiths, if that is your defense strategy. Good luck with that.

i recently shared my Christian faith with a young muslim woman. she matter-of-factly told me that, were she to become Christian, she would be killed.

that’s what we’re up against.

Your comment suggests that you seem disappointed there is not more violence against Muslims in America in response to world events. It appears, according to your statement, that the “spread of Islam throughout the world” must be stopped. Such a view is hardly representative of what I assume you regard as a tolerant faith: that is, Catholicism.

It is in the sharia code. Some more devout or easily shamed families most certainly would kill her.
It is always a concern for Muslims. Believe or not, they have learned the value of keeping their mouths shut when it comes to such things.

Most likely, the greatest concern would be in a Muslim counter-protest.

Don’t know much about them, but they have to have a huge following if they got Ford Field. That places holds 70,000+.

It is a view I do not share.

Any follow-up?
The event was two days ago, I’m still waiting for news of Christian riots, the burning of mosques &c.

The scenarios you paint did not occur. The rally drew 25,000 to 30,000 attendees, about half what organizers expected. There were a small number of protesters outside the stadium, but that they were peaceful as well.

I’m sorry you don’t read well. I only pointed out the fact that your fears are unfounded, as has now been proved by the passing of events.

While I did not mention stopping the spread of Islam throughout the world, it is not intolerant to oppose the spreading of Islam by attempting to convert others to another faith. That is one of the goals of most religions. However, how many religions preach that you must die if you convert to another? I can only think of one. That doesn’t sound very tolerant at all.

Do you prefer such a religion to spread throughout the world even as you spread fear about Christians speaking their minds in Muslim neighborhoods? How strange your idea of tolerance is.

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