Detroit Satanists say they won't sacrifice animals, people



I just don’t understand the mission statement of “satanic” groups like this. If your group emphasizes free will, compassion, and love, then it’s not satanic. Stop offering the world a distorted and flip-flopped view of the devil as he truly is. It’s downright dangerous and quite sickening to give Satan characteristics of God.
A non-religious group that emphasizes free will, compassion, and love isn’t offensive. It’s offensive when you title said group with a recognized symbol of evil and call it good. I just can’t understand why they do that, you know?


That is mighty big of them.
I guess I can let my cat out at night now after all.


The woman in the video and article is a member of the Church of Satan, founded by Anton Lavey. I’ve read a few of his books to see what he had to say, and it really isn’t much more than a militant form of atheism. I actually met Lavey once in the eighties, wandering around Green Apple Books in San Francisco. I said, “howdy!,” and he answered with a few very polite, low key greetings. He was just one of those weird San Francisco characters who are very flamboyant and deliberately outrageous. I don’t take the slightest offense to any of his books, as I consider them nothing more than paperback trash for simpletons. His basic idea, which wasn’t particularly clever, was to try and make a rudimentary philosophy which inverted Christianity. His world view embraced pride in all its forms, because pride is seen as the chief of the Seven Deadly Sins, and also because Satan’s primary flaw was pride and rebellion. As a result of this perspective, Church of Satan members don’t worship Satan, rather, they worship themselves. For instance, the greatest Satanic holiday for Lavey’s followers is one’s birthday. This is the reason why Laveyan Satanists come off as so pompous, arrogant, self-important and big-headed: they literally worship themselves as God. It’s best to think of them as dumb kids playing dress-up; their philosophy itself has less depth than a puddle of water.


I guess that makes everything okay, now.

Fear not, good folks! The satanists say that the streets of Detroit are safe once again!!!

Seriously… is it me, or are these guys making a serious effort to raise their profile?


Because they saw the shallowness, hypocrisy, and hatefulness that some Christians display and mistook that for what Christianity teaches. Make no mistake, they first and foremost have a highly distorted view of religion.


Not having human sacrifice is definitely a plus! :thumbsup:


And cats can let their humans out at night, too.

I mean, really. They say they won’t sacrifice people. Thanks!! :rolleyes:


Yes, I think this is absolutely correct. Lavey was quite outspoken about his Freemasonry, and that’s really all one needs to know to understand this phenomenon. As a Freemason he imagined he was a distant successor of the Knights Templar, and as such he loathed and despised the Roman Catholic Church, owing to the actions of Pope Clement V in the early thirteen hundreds. It’s the reason the Church of Satan “worships” Baphomet, that goat-headed, pentagram-wearing statue in the article’s video - because it’s the deity worshipped by Masonic deists. Here in the US, you’ll occasionally see those Baphomet goat-headed road signs outside of some towns and cities.


Devaluing freedom, compassion for outsiders, and Eurocentric hate. When folks think that Satan’s being given the characteristics of God, it’s only because God’s already been given the characteristics of Satan.

It makes me wonder who’s really sick around here. :shrug:

Way to prove the point.


Well, they deny God and they each worship themselves individually as the center of creation and high point of the cosmos. How much more shallow can someone possibly be?:shrug: Anyway, I think the woman in the video does an excellent job of proving my point for me!


Excellent! Now the Detroit PD Homicide Unit can stand down :hey_bud: and Pamela Anderson and the rest of PETA can sleep well. :sleep:


Religious people worship themselves just as much. They just use God as a fabricated construct on which to project superiority while enabling them to downplay themselves in false humility. You think Satanists are shallow? I think the pompous, hypocritical devout are the really sick ones and that sickness is what spawned La Veyan Satanism in the first place.

I’ll take wearing black and putting myself ‘at the center of creation’ over a Church that’s becoming increasingly blind to the arrogance of its own flock.


If you say so.:thumbsup:


Your statement comes dangerous close to blasphemy, just so you know.


Replies like yours make it a good thing.


According to her, they profess not to believe that Satan is real. She comes across to me as an atheist and a feminist(not necessarily in that order) and supposedly wants just to love everyone and everyone to love her. Yet, they have this statue which she thinks as only false and yet are being drawn in. She doesn’t realize that some “religious followers” really believe in Satan and will likely become leaders. She brings up the idea of rebellion which she seems to like.She is confused and misguided.

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Devaluing freedom, compassion for outsiders, and Eurocentric hate. When folks think that Satan’s being given the characteristics of God, it’s only because God’s already been given the characteristics of Satan.

How so, do you mean, in the fall of mankind, in that we are all great sinners.


Not sure I understand you. Are you asking me a question? :confused:


I think I understood what you were saying, when you said that “God’s already been given the characteristics of Satan”… That mankind sees God in a false light.

At any rate, these satanists are here to stay. I posted a link on a male student trying to get a satanist club going at a college on another thread. This girl is very naive.


I think naive is putting it lightly friend.

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