Detroit woman turns gun on purse snatcher

*Detroit – A Detroit woman whose purse was snatched early Friday morning while she was pumping gas allegedly took matters into her own hands and shot the suspect with a concealed weapon. *

*Police have yet to definitively identify whether a man who died at an area hospital Friday was involved in the robbery but say it’s a “very strong possibility.” *

*The shooting happened around 5 a.m. at the Mobil gas station at Schoolcraft and Southfield, Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens Bell said. *


Glad to see she won’t be charged.

I can think of worse things.

Like meeting final judgement having theft as your last action.

Where in the story did it say that?

Sorry, that came from this article.

A woman in her 40s was pumping gas when she was approached by a man who** demanded her purse and said if she didn’t comply, he’d shoot her.**

Right there is the justification to shoot this criminal. Threaten me, threaten my wife, my children and a criminal is simply asking for what he is looking to give out. This man lived by the sword. He died by it too.

But stories like this just go to prove a few things. First, crime can happen anywhere, anytime, and when it is least expected. Criminals should also learn from this that there are many who take their own lives seriously and will not go quietly into the long sleep goodnight. Hey, take my car, I have insurance. But don’t try to take my life.

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