Deutercanonical books


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BTW Montie, ask him why Protestant scholars Gleason Archer and G.C. Chirichigno point out that out of 373 OT quotes in the NT 340 of them (90%) are from the Septuagint. Get these!

Does anyone know where I can Get the complete list? Thanks and God Bless.


Find the book!

G. L. Archer and G. Chirichigno, Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament (Chicago: Moody, 1983)


Thanks CM. Your the best.


Here are the lists online for ya,

Notes on the LXX

Use of the “extra” catholic books in the LXX

Tools to Analyze the LXX - strong’s numbers


what exactly were you discussing with him?


the LXX was the common translation used among the greek speaking jews of jesus day. But, Jesus and his disciples also spoke hebrew and Aramaic. Some Jews also spoke Latin.


American Bible Society sells that booklet.


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