Deuteronomy 28


The 28th chapter of Deuteronomy has a series of Blessings for following Gods law, and Curses for transgressing his Law. It was given to Israel at its founding. Do these only apply to Israel, or do these Blessings/Curses apply to any Country?:shrug:


Those laws represent universal human boundaries. Yes, God blessed and cursed all nations based off of the laws listed in Deuteronomy.

Even though God the father paid particular attention to Israel’s situation, he is omnipresent, and therefore, watched and judged other nations effortlessly, without having to turn his attention away from Israel.



The blessings and curses are part of the covenant which God made with Israel at Mt. Sinai.

Covenants create family bonds. Every covenant comes with blessing for faithfulness and curse for unfaithfulness.

The blessings and curses in Dueteronomy are part of God’s covenant with Israel at that time.



Timothy is right. Those cursings and blessings ONLY apply to Israel. Part of the covenant was that Israel was supposed to obey God at all times.

At verse 15, it reads:

“But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt NOT hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe all his commandments, as I charge thee this day, then ALL the curses shall come on thee and overtake thee.”

See, the Hebrews were to “hearken to the voice of the Lord”. That means Jesus Christ. Christ is the Voice of the Lord and they rejected Him.


Are you sure? I was under the impression that God judged all nations based on the laws he has revealed to Israel.

Israel isn’t the only nation called to obey God, so it would make sense for God’s decrees: his awards and punishments, to apply to everyone else.


Absolutely NOT. Only Israel had a covenant with God. God ONLY had a covenant with Israel. Us Gentiles do not. Deut. 28 is part of the Old Covenant which was a legal relationship between God and His Chosen. God picked Israel to be His Chosen people. The New Covenant is about a personal choice to believe in Christ. Israel was under God’s leadership and direct command; not a single Gentile nation.

Moses laid down these blessings and cursings as part of the agreement between them and God. It is a legal document that pertains to two very particular participants. Deuteronomy 28 does NOT pertain to anybody else–only Israel. Deut. lays out the penalties for Israel breaking its covenant with God.


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