Deutro-Cannonical Commnetaries?


I’m currently reading the Deutero-Cannonical books for the first time (I’m in the process of converting). I was wondering if anyone can suggest any good commentaries on this part of the Bible. I was in London a few days and found some in the CTS bookshop but not all of them so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Preferably I’d like to buy physical books as i do a lot of reading on public transport. Many thanks.


I don’t have an answer for you, but I want to sympathize with your copious free time on public transit. I have a 1-hour commute three days a week at the very least. I recently started shoving stuff in my bag so that I could read it en route.

I have another suggestion for you. I purchased an Android tablet in February, and I love to listen to podcasts and audio files whenever I am not reading something. You might not find too many audio commentaries, but you will find lots of Scripture in this format. You could “read” it while doing other things. Also, Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers says that he purchases Kindle e-books and then uses Text to Speech to listen to them on his device.


I recommend the Navarre Bible Commentary for this:

Tobit, Judith, Esther, 1/2 Maccabees –

Wisdom of Solomon & Sirach –

Daniel & Baruch –

God Bless!


Just in case you do want some good commentaries for online use, here is the whole Bible with many commentaries from the Church Fathers and later.


Thank you everyone for your answers, its been helpful! :tiphat:


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