Deval Patrick open to White House bid


Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signaled Sunday that he would be open to a White House bid at some point, though the governor has previously ruled out seeking the presidency in 2016.

Asked in an interview whether he could see himself as a national candidate — not necessarily in 2016 — the second-term Democrat responded: “Maybe. Maybe.”

“That’s a decision I have to make along with my wife of 30 years, and she’s a tough one to convince,” Patrick said. Prodded further, the former Justice Department official responded: “Let’s just see what time tells.”


His administration put $1 billion into embryonic stem cell research:


Sad, indeed. But I doubt it will make a difference to the thousands of Catholics who helped put Obama in office twice.


As I recall, the last time a Massachusetts political figure made it to the White House was 1960. Just ask Messrs. Dukakis, Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, and Romney. There’s a reason for that. Our governor’s record will not stand up to national scrutiny. He’s a lightweight, in more ways than one. I’m more worried about Elizabeth Warren, who seems to have become the darling of those who feel Hillary is too moderate.


I don’t think the country can stomach another democrat, and I doubt conservatives want another president that comes from either coast.


That news article is seven years old. Although it makes a big deal about embryonic stem cells, that may be due to the topic still being much in the news at the time. Just a year before, President Bush had used the first veto in his presidency to kill a proposed law which expanded funding for ESC research. And his decision early in his first term to sharply curb ESC was a controversy throughout his presidency.

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Initiative, which was proposed by Gov. Patrick, covers the entire spectrum of life-science investment. A 2012 report by a non-profit foundation determined that a wide variety of areas have received funding, including:

Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing

Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing

Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing

Research and Development in Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
(except Biotechnology)

Here are a few of the specific grants:

$750,000 to Allurion of Wellesley for developing a novel medical device for inducing weight loss in obese patients

$14.3 million to help build the Framingham Wastewater and Pumping Station that will allow bioscience firms to operate in that community

$5.1 million in grants to early career investigators working in research institutions

All that out of the way, I know nothing about Gov. Patrick, or his chances to become president, or whether he is worse than the other candidates.


[FONT=Helv][size=2][FONT=Helv][FONT=Arial]I think Fauxahontas will have identity issues in fly over country. ;)[/FONT]



So am I


I’d strongly recommend that Patrick stick to race car driving. :tsktsk: Rob


I’d love to see an independent run for office. One with no political connections nor obligations to anyone but the American people.


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