Developing a closer relationship to God

I’ve read a few Christian pages on this, but I was looking for a Catholic take on it.

Given that Daily Mass/Adoration is not an option for me, can anyone give me some advice on developing a closer relationship to God?

Many people have suggested that God is like a lover. I’d like to view him and talk to him as a friend, if that’s any help :wink:


  • Try to read the bible whenever you can
  • Pray when you have the time (one of the great things about prayer is you can do it while you’re doing other things)
  • Talk to God like you would a friend (in your head, obviously) and tell him anything; what you did in the day, what you want to do, problems, anything you need help with
  • You could try wearing a cruxifix or other item of jewellery to remind you of God’s contant presence.

I hope this helps you! Starlight101

Excellent suggestions.

Say the Rosary each day. If you get interrupted, that’s ok. Amazing things happen after you’ve been saying the Rosary for a while. God likes it when you’re nice to His Mother.

Along with the suggestions above which were all great:thumbsup: I am now trying to live as holy a life as possible and I’m trying to live in the moment more and not worry about what happened yesterday and whats going to happen tomorrow. I do this way to much and it makes me anxious a lot. By living in the moment it will make your trust in God stronger and leave you more at peace. Other things I’m trying is to change my heart and live as Jesus taught by being more forgiving and setting my pride aside. If anyone makes me mad or offends me I pray for them and myself. Pride is so dangerous in separating us from God. Hope this helps.

Schedule a time daily to prayer, find a quiet spot to dedicate it to if you can, earlier in the day the better, 10 - 15 minutes out of your day isn’t much out of it, yet the benefits from it are extensive, taking more time there, recommended if you can. It all begins with prayer, the more you know about it, the different ways, how to really put yourself into it, the better.

Do not feel that you have to go through some extensive set of things in order to achieve this, it’s tempting to have me list more, but I am not, for fear that it will come out as a shopping list of things you have to do. Prayer is simple, doesn’t require structure, yet I have found that too has benefits within certain types of prayers, and intentions, but on it’s most basic, rudimentary level, it’s far more complex then what we can place words to.

The rest of the things you will adopt along the way, you’ll have your own unique shopping list of things that you naturally will include within your being, the above posters are noting a few of theirs, mine include having a dedicated little section where I add little prayer items, statues, crosses, holy water, etc., also wear a crucifix and Miraculous Medal at all times. Also, I bring my bible with me when ever I go out, it’s good to have it around to read when ever and where ever. I also live very close to the church, and since they leave the doors open, I go there almost daily to pray.

It’s becoming a much more extensive process for me, with the addons, but still, it’s always down to simply praying, doesn’t matter where I’m at, so is the best start on the matter.

As you read this be aware that God is right there with you. God is right there with you all the time.

So, if you act like what you think God would do, essentially be His body, you might get some very interesting results.

Place yourself in some interesting places, like nursing homes. Perhaps do something with your Church. Then really take the time to seek out how God feels about the people you are with.

Remember the love and compassion Jesus had. I urge you not to be the judgmental Catholic that you read so much about on this site. You will do far more for God, and yourself, by being kind and helpful than you ever will by telling someone why masturbation is a mortal sin. For starters, really visit a nursing home. There are a bunch of old folks there that would love your company. You can make their day and all it takes is a couple hours. It is better than golf.

Bring them a milk shake.

I think I’d recommend spontaneous prayer, just sharing with Him your feelings and thoughts about what’s going on in your life whenever you feel you want to. That’s conversation.

Another possibility is you could go online and type in Catholic Readings, and one of the first threads to come up will provide the Mass readings of the day. So you can find out what God has said to the Church this day by viewing the readings, and can try to apply them to your life. It’s remarkable, if you pay attention, how often they will exactly coincide with whatever’s going on in your life, at least if your situation turns out to be like mine.

“Weeds Among the Wheat” by Fr. Thomas Green. Suggested by other posters. Fabulous book.

You could try praying Morning and Evening Prayer from Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office). Make it a daily routine.

The book used is Christian Prayer.


As already stated, pray certain prayers, especially the rosary. also, you may want to read about certain saints and how they truly knew Christ. they really can change how you feel. some great examples are: St. Faustina and St. Gemma Galgani

Some reading selections from a lovely little book about the Rosary by Fr. Romano Guardini, a favorite of the Holy Father:



Talk to God about everything, as you would to a friend :slight_smile:

trust Him

develop devotion to the Passion and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

thanksgiving after Mass, before the Tabernacle

I’ve found this to be helpful :slight_smile:

God bless

You’ve gotten a lot of excellent responses from other posters. The one piece of advice I’d echo is to read about the saints. The lives of the saints can inspire us and lead us to praise God.

I just started reading a book about Saint Faustina, and it has already been helpful to me. :slight_smile:

Definately read about the saints and pray the rosary as often as possible. Take a walk if it’s not too cold and contemplate the presence of God. He is everywhere. I also like the suggestion about wearing a crucifix necklace.

Or intimidate us, judging from the reactions of some posters I’ve seen on this forum. It’s best to read their stories or writings with the understanding that this is a state of perfection we are called to strive for but we aren’t required to be as perfect as the saints instantly. That’s a work God develops in His children over time, through love.

I have also found this to really rewarding and a great way to get to know Jesus personally and give him honor. I get up every morning at about 5:30am, read the Liturgy of Hours morning prayers, dress, them I am off to 7:25 Mass and then to work. I also do the Evening Prayer. It was a little hard in the beginning, but now, if I miss prayers or Mass for some reason, I really do miss the prayers and Mass. Just setting aside some time for prayer, which is conversation with God, is a real start and it become easier.

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