Developmental Disabilities and Birth Control


Hello all.

As someone who works closely with adults with developmental disabilities, I have been wondering a lot lately on how the church handles one particular birth control issue. I realize the church does not condone ABC, but I also realize that most of the women I work with would likely never be able to master charting with NFP due to their intellectual disabilities. However, they are adults who engage in romantic relationships, often get married, and may have children. For those who would simply never be able to effectively use NFP, does the church have a recommendation for them to stay in good standing with the church while not ending up being constantly pregnant?


The only form of birth control that is acceptable to the church is NFP.


It is said that Mother Teresa successfully taught women in India, who were largely illiterate, to use NFP. I don’t know if this is relevant to your subject but there it is.:shrug:


If they cannot abstain periodically, then they could abstain completely if they had a serious reason to avoid pregnancy.


Sad but I agree.


I remember once reading this too. I guess it’s not too difficult to teach an illiterate woman to practice NFP, but if you throw in learning difficulties too it’s much harder?

It’s very sad, but I think the other two posters are probably right.


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