Devil costume ok?



Came home from work today to find my eight year old daughter sporting a devil costume for Halloween. I immediately told her to remove it and told my wife to return it for a different costume. Question: am I out of line? Is this much ado about a cute devil costume. Even though the intention is to be cute or funny, I don’t like the thought of my daughter walking around in a devil costume? Would like everyone’s feedback, but don’t want this to turn into a Halloween, pro-con debate, but rather a discussion about what costumes are appropriate for children to wear on Halloween. I never liked non-scary costumes for Halloween like Superman or princesses, and think scary costumes are fun, but still think dressing as the devil is going too far.



I think it’s all a matter of personal taste. I myself have been a devil for Halloween twice, once when I was a one year old (yes, mother thought it would be cute) and once more in high school. I personally don’t know how I would feel if my daughter would want to dress up in a devils costume,I guess we will see once I get there.
But I don’t think you were out of line, if it’s not your ideal costume and that has to be respected.


I wouldn’t be okay with it. We’ve gone back and forth over how we’ll handle Halloween and so far I really like the idea of doing Saint costumes, at least while we have little ones who like the idea.

I wouldn’t be bothered by seeing other kids or people dressed up that way because it’s just a costume and there’s probably no ill intent at all (I did wear a devil costume in college in my pre-convert days), but I also wouldn’t let my kids do it. That’s just my 2 cents.


The devil is real, and we do him a great favour by diminishing his evil, by dressing up in cute costumes of him.


Ridiculous, someone’s missed the point of halloween it seems.


If it goes against what you are trying to teach your son about evil…I see nothing wrong with getting him a new costume. Just make sure you do not make him feel like he is being punished by having it taken away…give a gentle explaination.

I do not have kids yet, but my husband and I have decided our kids will only be permitted to be saints, angels or biblical charecters.


Personally, I have a problem with Halloween. It is mainly becuase some people seem to use it as an excuse to get wasted…vandalize…bully little kids…steal…you name it…

But that was not your question? If seeing someone in a devil costume makes you cringe…think of this…there are alot worse things to get upset about in this world…
like children being abducted, raped, murdered and so on…
Dressing up in a devil costume is not all that bad in my eyes…but if you find something offensive for any reason, that someone in your family wears…I think you should express your opinion as an opinion… no matter what their age…and then follow-up with… what you would prefer…


I personally think it depends on the intent. If your son is dressing up like Satan because he believes Satan is a fictional character such as Dracula or Darth Vader than there is definetly a problem

IMHO if your son is dressing as Satan as a way of saying, “Satan - I believe that Jesus is my one and only Savior and you tried to tempt Him and he defeated you. With God’s help and with Christ in my heart and the Holy Spirit, you Satan have no power over me.” than there is no problem of him making fun of Satan by wearing the costume.

However, I think this depends on the age and mentality of your son.


While I don’t go the route of only saints personally (though it’s a fine idea) I DO draw the line at devils, witches, gory ghouly things etc. I would not allow the devil costume myself. There are so many innocuous things a child can dress up as, I don’t see the reason to ‘go there’ with the devil etc.:shrug:

This year my kids are dressing as a Athena (Greek goddess), a bottle of mustard (again) and Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ.


Well this is my opinion on halloween.

And I agree that saints costumes on Haloween is a tad messed up, that’s for All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days. Not that I’d blame anyone for not wanting to do both and choosing Saints/Souls days over Halloween.

But we tend to go for Halloween only some years (well at least as far as costumes go) because there is rarely anything about for Catholic children on all saints or all souls days other than a trip to a grave yard to clean up headstones and pray for the dead. (which is certainly a good and laudable thing to do, but doesn’t usually offer a chance to dress up!)

But if you don’t like it, take it back.
No big whoop. Other stuff to be and do.:smiley:
**I’m not too strict on the boys, but geez the girls costumes just tick me off big time. **Is it just me or are they all versions of harlot costumes?
I’ve got a wonder woman and a spider girl this year.


I would say the point, at least in this house, is for kids to dress up and have fun. I got the idea from our local Catholic school, so perhaps you know better than they do too? Maybe you could be so charitable and enlighten us as to the point?


If he’s dressing up to poke fun at Satan, then I don’t see an issue.


I totally agree on the girls costume choices being quite annoying! I couldn’t believe how little some of the girls were last year that were wearing costumes that looked like lingerie! After coaching cheerleading at the high school I wasn’t surprised that the fourteen plus group was wearing them, but elementary school girls? It’s just mind boggling!


I agree. Why celebrate evil by dressing up and emulating it?

On the other hand, I don’t think limiting kids to dressing only as saints is necessary. This will be the first year we’re really doing Halloween. Our DD is dressing up as an angel (my idea, and I’ll be making the costume). I figure I’ll pick her outfit this year since she doesn’t really know better (next year I’m sure she’ll have an opinion on what she wants to be!). I’m undecided as to what to do for our DS; either another angel (my vote) or Paul Bunyan (DH’s vote) since he has a little plaid shirt and DD has a blue cow stuffed animal he could carry. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not that you asked but I like your dh’s pick - your son might be a little embarassed looking back at pics of him dressed as an angel - especially when he goes through those “difficult” years. :o


Please bear in mind, I am in the UK, so things are probably a bit different here.
It has become an excuse for egg-throwing and misbehaviour. A lot of people are genuniely terrified. If you answer your door, you generally get abused by people demanding sweets from you. Not talking cute children here. If you don’t give them anything, you get egged/floured. If you ignore the door, generally speaking you will spend the next morning trying to get congealed egg off your house/car etc.
Thing is, so many parents turn a blind eye, as it is “all a bit of fun”.
For a lot of young people, Halloween parties are when they experiment with the occult-ouji boards etc. Again people see no harm in these things, its “all a bit of fun”. These things are dangerous to a person’s soul. That’s not a bit of fun.
Some Churches are opening their churches for Adoration and prayer.Our Parish is doing a Night of Light this year we will be offering a ray of light in a world of darkness.
We are offering an alternative party for the children too-bobbing for apples,hot dogs, games,etc.because there is massive peer pressure to get involved.
It wouldn’t be so bad if all those who were so keen on Halloween turned up to go to Mass on all Saint’s day, but by and large, it is a secular celebration, at best irritating, at worst, very,very dangerous.
I’m sure it’s all sweet and pumpkin-pie in the US, but in neo-pagan Britain?


Yeah, I thought about that too (not sure why angels are thought of as feminine though) but just figured the two of them dressed as angels would be soooooo adorable. I also figured it would be the only year I’ll be able to dress them the same…

There’s a lot of that here too. :frowning: Growing up our church had a “Halleluia Party” instead of Halloween and we did all those fun fall activities too (and you dress up as a Bible character, saint, something like that).


If it’s the stereotypical silly red tights and horns with a long tail and pitchfork costume, I don’t see the problem: I doubt the Devil (if he takes on a physical form) would look like THAT. No one would take him seriously. I bet even God giggles a bit at those silly costumes. I think if devils do manifest, ie. to tempt someone, they’d look like someone or something beautiful, the better to be enticing.

If it’s one of those awful skimpy costumes the girls seem to be wearing these days… yeah, that would be a problem.


objectively I would not see much wrong with it, although I would have discouraged my kids from wearing it, but you are the father and if you object, that is the end of the discussion, she does not wear it. However, I would not come in and start yelling at the child to take it off, since the wife has just bought it. I would first sit down in private with my wife and discuss the matter, since obviously we are not in agreement on a relatively simple issue. Then I would explain quietly and simply, in one sentence, why I find the costume objectionable and invite her to come with me while we exchange it for something suitable.


“Question: am I out of line?”

Not in my opinion.

“I don’t like the thought of my daughter walking around in a devil costume?”

I don’t either, and would not allow one of my boys to do so.

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