Devil is very crafty...anti-Catholicism

I have noticed a trend at least in my studies, that while I browse non-Catholic articles and books on various and sundry topics, I often encounter sources on many subjects that really hit the nail on the head in terms of accuracy, truth, understanding, etc; they seem truly Holy Spirit inspired. Topics could be political, social, mental health, history, spirituality, the media, you name it.

And then, inevitably, I will encounter a random virulent anti-Catholic comment, almost always off-topic and contributing nothing to the discussion, and never accurate. This is often in Protestant, but even in non-Chistian sources.

This used to bother me. It still hurts me of course, especially when they trash Jesus’ mom, but it doesnt confuse me like before. I would then doubt the source, but be concerned because it was right about so many other things.

I prayed a lot about it though, and now am no longer concerned. This just proves to me more that the Catholic Church is Jesus’ true church. Why else would intelligent and often Godly people feel so threatened by it that they randomly attack it? And the Devil is very sneaky with this, throwing the whopping lie that the Church is evil in with otherwise
pristinely factual sources. Good trick. Don’t see Satan working as hard to do that with ore institutions.

Would you call this an accurate and reasonable assessment of the situation? It helps me to get some validation about this :slight_smile:

Well just because a bunch of people are right in somethings doesn’t mean that they are right in others -one shouldn’t be surprised if someone who is non-catholic for instance, says a bunch of true things, even in the religion area.

Yes it does.
I wise way to defend our faith is to study and pray for guidance. The Devil is known to twist and turn things. It’s hard to explain how Satan confuses somebody. He says stuff that are wrong but twisted into a way that’s right. It’s hard to explain. All you need to do is just say “NO.”
Also, I know its hard to deal with protestants that insult the Holy Mother. I mean come one they can at least show some respect to Her and the Saints.

God Bless. :highprayer:

I agree, but my point here was the uncanny amount of sources that are accurate about literally everything else they cover except the Catholic church, which they get totally wrong. It’s not just some parts right and some off, it’s ALL parts highly insightful and full of truth, and suddenly the Catholic parts totally wrong. Actually increases my faith now.

This pattern is crafty of the Devil too bc most people think it unlikely that good sources could be totally right except for this one topic, over and over. It is unlikely unless you realize the Church has the Holy Spirit of truth guiding her, and is the true Church of Jesus and therefore has a lot of enemies.

Thanks :slight_smile: this is helpful too in explaining the confusion. Good point that we alone are not wise enough to get it, best to just say no!
And yeah it’s like some treat their friends’ and acquaintances’ parents with more respect than the Mother of Jesus. So ridiculous. Oh well they don’t know any better I guess.

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